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The Sims 4 Get Together: Official Gamescom Announcement


The Sims VIP October Newsletter

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EA Earnings (Q3 FY20): The Sims 4 Hits 20 Million Unique Players

Electronic Arts has released Q3 FY20 financials, stating that The Sims 4 has hit 20 Million unique players worldwide. Additionally, EA CEO Andrew Wilson also mentioned that...

SimGuruGrant’s Weekly Tweets on The Sims (Part 2)

Since his return to Twitter, SimGuruGrant has been quite the social butterfly! With so many different tweets and topics, we’ve decided we will round...

EA Now Offers Annual Membership to Origin Access for $30

Starting today, Origin Access is available for just $30 Annually. Prior to introducing the new annual pricing, Origin Access only offered a $5 monthly option. The new annual...

The Sims 4: Maxis to Launch “Sims Delivery Express” Content Delivery

The Sims team has officially announced "Sims Delivery Express" (aka: SDX), a new "sister companion" content delivery system that will deliver smaller content to...

Electronic Arts Earnings Call: The Sims 4 Contributed to Strong Earnings

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, announced today that The Sims 4 saw monthly active players increase 20% year-over-year FY18 Q1 (vs 33% in Q4 of FY17), and stated...

The Sims 3 Seasons Newsletter

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EA Playtesting Looking for Sims Players in the San Francisco Bay Area

According to a post by a representative of EA, their playtesting division is currently looking to recruit Sims players in the San Francisco Bay area...

Composer Jerry Martin Releases “By the Bay” Track from SimCity 4

Jerry Martin, Lead Composer for The Sims, has released the “By the Bay” track from SimCity 4. If you haven’t already signed up for updates, click here...
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