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The 5 Coolest Pools Build By The Origin Team

  The Origin(al) Pool. Try as we might, we haven’t been able to convince our bosses to let us build an pool in the shape...

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Behind the Scenes: Lyndsay Pearson on Developing The Sims 4

Wondering what goes into developing The Sims 4? Want a deeper look at behind the scenes operations at Maxis? We sat down with Lyndsay...

Next Week: EA’s Live Presentation at E3 (June 15th, 2015)

  EA's E3 2015 Press Conference is scheduled for Monday, June 15th at 1pm Pacific! As usual, we will host the live event right here on SimsVIP, and have...

The Sims 3 Seasons Newsletter

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ESA Drops Support for SOPA & PIPA

  The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) (aka: the gaming industry), has announced it's pull of support from the proposed Bills Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)...

SimCity 30 Years Later: A Retrospective by LGR

LGR has released a new video covering the history of SimCity [youtube]

Beta Test The Sims 4 With Origin’s Beta Program

  As noted by a Twitter user, and the forum members over at NeoGaf, Origin has launched a beta testing program. This page currently hidden from...

The Sims: SimGuruChibi Leaves Maxis

SimGuruChibi, former UI & Gameplay Engineer on The Sims 4, has announced her departure from Maxis to pursue a new opportunity. SulSul! It saddens me to announce...

Maxis Integrates The Sims with Alexa Enabled Devices

During today's Maxis Monthly stream, The Sims team officially announced that they started working on software that integrates The Sims with Alexa enabled devices. If...
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