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SimsVIP Exclusive: Green Skinned Sim (Screenshot)

  While checking out the CAS demo at E3, SimsVIP got a glimpse of the "Green" skin tone for Sims in CAS. While green and blue...

EA’s E3 Press Conference: Attention Los Angeles Simmers!

  Are you in the Los Angeles area during the week of E3, and want to attend EA's Press Conference on June 9th?   Attention Simmers! If you're...

The Sims 4: Machinima Interview SimGuruGraham!

  Video Link [youtube]  

The Sims 4: Walk Styles in CAS

  During the creation of my Sims 4 "simself" at E3, we tested out all 7 walk styles included in the game. The following walk styles are available in...

GameSpot Previews The Sims 4

  The Sims 4 is an odd one. With a focus on character quirks and deep psychological eccentricities, the development team at Maxis has embraced...

The Sims 4: September 2nd Release Date Now Official!

  Rachel Franklin has just announced that The Sims 4 will be releasing on September 2nd 2014! That's only 85 days away!     Today marked the official...

The Sims 4: Updated EA Press Kit

  EA has sent us an updated Sims 4 press kit, which includes the Limited Edition box art for The Sims 4, finalized logos for... The Sims 4 Preview

  Translation via Google (meh) - Hat Tip: Rincon Del Simmer   The unique Sims in the gaming landscape emerges from the statistics: the whole catalog Electronic...

GamerHubTV Interviews SimGuruGraham

  Video Link [youtube]  

EA’s E3 2015 Press Conference Replay

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