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E3 2014: Twitch Broadcast Schedule, the popular streaming service for gamers, will be broadcasting E3 2014 live when the show kicks off on June 9th. This is the first of... The Sims 4 Preview

  Translation via Google (meh) - Hat Tip: Rincon Del Simmer   The unique Sims in the gaming landscape emerges from the statistics: the whole catalog Electronic...

SimsVIP is Heading to E3 2014!

  Now that all my accommodations have been finalized, I'm excited to announce that SimsVIP is heading to The 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo this June!...

GameSpot Previews The Sims 4

  The Sims 4 is an odd one. With a focus on character quirks and deep psychological eccentricities, the development team at Maxis has embraced...

Polygon: The Sims 4 Video and Impressions from E3!

Polygon have a short video with Griffin McElroy discussing things he has learned about The Sims 4. Watch the video for some short but...

The Sims 4: Stories Official Gameplay Trailer


RECAP: The Sims 4 @ E3 2014 (SimsVIP Style)

  To ensure that you have caught up with all the information SimsVIP has brought you from E3, I have prepared this "recap" post with links...

Gamasutra: The Sims 4 Interview With Ryan Vaughan

    The Sims 4 is due for release this fall, and aims to build on top of the previous installments in the franchise in various...
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