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Generations Patch has added “Edit in CAS” Cheat

  Well, this is one of the reasons I use mods, but it seems that EA has added the "Edit in CAS" cheat to the...

Generations Memories & Free Store Content

When uploading your sim memories with Generations, you will receive badges & also some neat store content for doing so. Crinrict has a special...

Imaginary Friend Concept Art

  SimCookie found this interesting concept art of the Sims 3 Generations Imaginary Friend.  This wonderful work comes complete in a full album collection by...

Generations – Buydebug

  Finally, I am able to get my pretty little hands on my favorite part of buy mode...buydebug! :mrgreen: Black Scorpion over @SimPrograms, and myself have...

The Imaginary Friend – Mummified

  The Russian fansite, has created a very interesting Wallpaper. The Mummified Imaginary Friend..... :shock: They have 3 sizes for you to download, so head...

Sims 3 Generations Concept Art – New Screens!

SimGuruShannon posted  Generations Concept Art and an in game screenshot of a Boys Castle Bedroom Set over on Twitter! Check them out!    

Generations – Creation of a Treehouse

SimGuruShannon posted a photo of The Concept Art, Render & In Game Treehouse creation. Pretty neat eh? ;)    

Concept Art – New Generations Photos!

  SimGuruShannon just posted a Girls Princess Bedroom from Generations over on her Facebook page!        

Sims 3 Generations – Daycare Van?

  Thanks to lolifofo for pointing this out.  From the Facebook photos by SIMsoucis, it appeared in one picture to be a Minivan of sorts....

Sims 3 Generations Limited Edition – Now Available

  GAME has listed the English version of The Sims 3 Generations Limited Edition along with the boxart photo.  This version includes the Sims 3...