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Generations – Potions, Uses & Moodlets

  In Generations, you are able to create potions using the Chemistry Set. You can work on your logic before trying to discover potions,...

Imaginary Friend Concept Art

  SimCookie found this interesting concept art of the Sims 3 Generations Imaginary Friend.  This wonderful work comes complete in a full album collection by...

Generations Memories & Free Store Content

When uploading your sim memories with Generations, you will receive badges & also some neat store content for doing so. Crinrict has a special...

Generations – Buydebug

  Finally, I am able to get my pretty little hands on my favorite part of buy mode...buydebug! :mrgreen: Black Scorpion over @SimPrograms, and myself have...

The Imaginary Friend – Mummified

  The Russian fansite, has created a very interesting Wallpaper. The Mummified Imaginary Friend..... :shock: They have 3 sizes for you to download, so head...

Sims 3 Generations Concept Art – New Screens!

SimGuruShannon posted  Generations Concept Art and an in game screenshot of a Boys Castle Bedroom Set over on Twitter! Check them out!    

Generations – Creation of a Treehouse

SimGuruShannon posted a photo of The Concept Art, Render & In Game Treehouse creation. Pretty neat eh? ;)    

Concept Art – New Generations Photos!

  SimGuruShannon just posted a Girls Princess Bedroom from Generations over on her Facebook page!        

Sims 3 Generations – Daycare Van?

  Thanks to lolifofo for pointing this out.  From the Facebook photos by SIMsoucis, it appeared in one picture to be a Minivan of sorts....

Sims 3 Generations Limited Edition – Now Available

  GAME has listed the English version of The Sims 3 Generations Limited Edition along with the boxart photo.  This version includes the Sims 3...