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Sims 3 Generations – Random Trailer Giveaway

The following was posted by The Sims team under news and events.   The Sims 3 Generations releases in just a few weeks (May 31) so...

Bunk Beds, Strollers and Spiral Staircases!

The Sims 3 Facebook page posted a new picture on their page!  Seems to be a snapshot from Generations.  (Spiral Staircases and Strollers gave...

MySimsWorld – 114 Generations Screens

  MySimsWorld has taken 114 Screenshots from the German Generations Preview. Make sure to visit their site for all the photos! Below are just a...

Generations TV Commercial – Germany

  EA Germany has listed the German Generations TV Commercial on Youtube.  Check it out!   [youtube]  

Sims 3 Generations – Daycare Van?

  Thanks to lolifofo for pointing this out.  From the Facebook photos by SIMsoucis, it appeared in one picture to be a Minivan of sorts....

Generations Loading Screen to be Dynamic

  SimPress has now added the loading Screens for Generations in their section of CAS pictures we linked you to earlier today. Do you see the...

Gamestop & Amazon listings for Sims 3 Generations

Gamestop has listed Sims 3 Generations for May 31st release in the US, for a price of $39.99.  There is not much detail at...

Imaginary Friend Concept Art

  SimCookie found this interesting concept art of the Sims 3 Generations Imaginary Friend.  This wonderful work comes complete in a full album collection by...

CVG Interview with Ryan Vaughan

CVG Interview with Ryan Vaughan EA's announced the fourth expansion for its insanely popular PC virtual people abuser, The Sim 3: Generations, for release this spring...