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Game – Interview with Graham Nardone

  Game has posted an interview with Generations producer, Graham Nardone.  There is nothing new that we have not already seen, but there is mention...

New Exclusive Generations Photo!

  The Sims 3 Facebook Page released another never before seen Generations photo!      

TomZhang & 3 Generations Gameplay Videos

  TomZhang has uploaded 3 Generations videos (so far) showing us some gameplay of Generations. The first video is a intro & video of Generations...

The Sims 3 Generations: Live Broadcast

  Chat Walkthrough and Q&A With The Sims 3 Generations Team Join Ryan Vaughan and Graham Nardone, producers from The Sims 3, for a special EA...

Generations – Memories are Shared on Sims 3 Website

  One of our members Lee12321 has already uploaded some memories to his "my page". If anyone is interested to see how it works, head on...

Generations TV Commercial – Germany

  EA Germany has listed the German Generations TV Commercial on Youtube.  Check it out!   [youtube]  

Sims 3 Generations Officially Announced in the US!

The Sims 3 Facebook page finally announced their Super Secret Surprise x2!  (took long enough) :P They have already added The Official Forum Section...

Sims 3 Generations Giveaway – Brazil

  SimsDomination is hosting a Generations Giveaway for Brazilian citizens only.  If you live in Brazil, make sure to go over to their site and...

Sims 3 Generations – Limited Edition – GAME

  On Saturday SimCookie had found the French version of Sims 3 Generations Limited Edition (Base + Generations).  Today GAME has listed an English version of...

Sims 3 Generations: Invisible Friend Concept Art

SimGuruSarah has shared some very early (and final) concept art of the Invisible Friend from The Sims 3 Generations Expansion Pack.    
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