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Sims 3 Generations – Magical Gnomes

  Want to know a bit more about the Magical Gnomes?  How do you feel about Magical Gnomes having their own little family? :P The...

Spiral Staircases have Special Interactions!

  Over on Twitter,EA Producer Ryan Vaughan, aka: SimGuruRyan mentioned that Children & Teens will have their own special way of going down the Spiral Staircases...

Sims 3 Generations – Event Buttons

  The Sims 3 Czech (CZ/SK) facebook page posted a photo of Sims 3 Generations buttons.  Seems they will be holding an EA event, and...

Sims 3 Generations Concept Art – New Screens!

SimGuruShannon posted  Generations Concept Art and an in game screenshot of a Boys Castle Bedroom Set over on Twitter! Check them out!    

GameSpot Interview with Ryan Vaughan

There is not really anything we don't already know in this interview, but feel free to read yet another interview.  One new thing we...

Edenstyle – Part 6 – Memories & Home Videos

  Edenstyle has released their 6th part of the Generations preview.  This time around...Memories & Home Videos! Go ahead and take a read!  

Machinima – Sims 3 Generations @E3 was @E3 talking to one of the EA producers about Generations. This interview starts off with a response of EPIC failure. :lol:   [youtube...

Reminder to Enter for a chance to win Generations!

  With only 8 days to go before Generations is released, here is a reminder to enter our drawing to win a copy of Generations!...

Ryan Vaughn – Sims 3 Generations Gameplay Video

  Ryan Vaughn, producer of Generations, has a gameplay video that was posted by EuroGamers Thanks to Infinite Sims for the find.   [youtube]  

5/31/11 Patch/Update – Now available via Game Launcher

  For those who already installed and need the latest 1.22 patch, it is now available in the Game launcher. If you do not...
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