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The Sims Live Broadcast Replay (9/17/13)

  Video Link [youtube]  

Sweet Treats Contest (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

  Win a signed CD & a Disco Ball Keychain! Click below!   

AznSensei’s Aurora Skies Map Guide

  Better late than never! Click Below!  

Sims Nieuws – Another Pets Preview!

  Sims Nieuws has another Sims 3 Pets preview for ya!  Only a few more days! :mrgreen:   The neighborhood The first thing I noticed was of course...

SimGuruCopeland Answers Bakery Questions

Via The Sims 3 Forums Do I need the Harvestables from Bohemian Garden to get my money’s worth from the Bakery?  Absolutely not. There are a...

Sims 3 Pets – IAMS Exclusive Starter Content!

  Looks like branded content will be hitting our games once again with Pets!  Check out this IAMS starter kit we will be able to...

The Sims Live Broadcast Replay (7/23/13)

  Video Link [youtube]  

The Sims 3 Store: Upcoming Set Teasers

  SimGuruCopeland and SimGuruTatertot are infamous for teasing simmers on Twitter, and today, they took twitter by storm with some new Sims 3 Store hints. Lions...
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