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SimCookie’s Sunset Died World Now Available!

  SimCookie's long awaited world is finally here! Sunset Died is a mysterious and dark world longing to find a place in your game! What...

SimCookie – Sims 3 Parisians Life Now Available!

  SimCookie has released their awesome new world Parisian's Life! Click here to check out the trailer and some screens!     Download Links SimCookie -- Sims 3 Exchange    

Sims 3 Custom World: BlueVille Island by Andrew8

  I have no words! This is an amazing world, and I highly suggest downloading the version with edited INI files! Clouds and all! :mrgreen: (Click the...

Sunset Died: What Happen To Sunset Valley?

  SimCookie is on a mission to completely destroy Sunset Valley! Sunset Died is still in progress with no ETA, but here are some exclusive...

SimCookie Presents The Sims 3 Parisian’s Life (World)

  French Fansite SimCookie has announced their plans to release a brand new Sims 3 World on February 14th named Parisian's Life! Check out a...

New World: Setra, jewel of the sands by Pyronium3

  Video Link -- Download Link  

Scarlet Sims – Snowy Sunset Valley (Final Version)

  I know that I need me some rain and snow in the Sims 3! Until and if EA decides to give that to us,...

Sunset Died: Trailer Teaser by SimCookie

  Remember the amazing world SimCookie is creating? Well get your eyes ready for a taste! SimCookie has uploaded The Sunset Died: Teaser. Check it...

New World: Riverdale V2 by Docsprock

  Docsprock has updated the Riverdale World and made it Pet Friendly! This world is definitely going into my game once I get home. :mrgreen:  Take...

Nom Nom Nom Nom – Cake Island by Rflong7

  Unless you've been hiding under a rock since last August (like me!), you have probably already heard of this awesomely delicious world by Rflong7....