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The New Sunset Valley by

  "The New Sunset Valley" is a brand new world for The Sims 3 created by German Fansite They have a great article on...

SimCookie’s Parisian World Preview Trailer!

  Remember the Sneak Peek of SimCookie's Free World that is coming out February 14th? Well SimCookie has released a preview Trailer for their upcoming...

Sunset Died: Trailer Teaser by SimCookie

  Remember the amazing world SimCookie is creating? Well get your eyes ready for a taste! SimCookie has uploaded The Sunset Died: Teaser. Check it...

Nom Nom Nom Nom – Cake Island by Rflong7

  Unless you've been hiding under a rock since last August (like me!), you have probably already heard of this awesomely delicious world by Rflong7....

Sunset Died: What Happen To Sunset Valley?

  SimCookie is on a mission to completely destroy Sunset Valley! Sunset Died is still in progress with no ETA, but here are some exclusive...

SimCookie’s Sunset Died World Now Available!

  SimCookie's long awaited world is finally here! Sunset Died is a mysterious and dark world longing to find a place in your game! What...

New World: Riverdale V2 by Docsprock

  Docsprock has updated the Riverdale World and made it Pet Friendly! This world is definitely going into my game once I get home. :mrgreen:  Take...

SimCookie – Sims 3 Parisians Life Now Available!

  SimCookie has released their awesome new world Parisian's Life! Click here to check out the trailer and some screens!     Download Links SimCookie -- Sims 3 Exchange    

New Sims 3 World: St. Claire by AweSims

  Need a new medium sized world for your game? Check out this amazing world created by AweSim! Please note you need ALL Sims 3...

Sims 3 Custom World: BlueVille Island by Andrew8

  I have no words! This is an amazing world, and I highly suggest downloading the version with edited INI files! Clouds and all! :mrgreen: (Click the...