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Sims 3 Island Paradise: Underwater Dive Lots Guide

  Video Link [youtube]  

Island Paradise: New Cross Expansion Screens

  Via The Sims - Thanks DOTSim! Worried you can't take your pets with you to Isla Paradiso? Don't fret, bring them along! Pets love riding...

The Sims Live Broadcast (Replay)

  Video Link [youtube]  

Sims 3 Island Paradise Registration Content

  When registering your Sims 3 Island Paradise Game, you will unlock the exclusive Tropical Waters Hat Pack registration content!   It's a fact, gamers love hats! As...

Island Paradise: Resort-Houseboat

  Via SimGuruMike Check out my resort-houseboat...complete with a top-deck activity area!  

Mermaids Confirmed For Island Paradise!

  During an interview with EA, Sims 3 Cri was able to confirm that Mermaids will be the new lifestate/creature for Island Paradise! Mermaid lovers...

Mermaids and Caves in Island Paradise

  SimGuruSarah has recently revealed some information about mermaids and underwater caves in Island Paradise.   @cinderellimouse But the cave monster is so cute!!! Tip: Mermaids will...

Island Paradise: Lifeguard Career Video Guide

  I've uploaded yet another Video Game Guide covering Island Paradise! For those who may have missed it, we introduced these new guides on August...
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