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Island Paradise: From Roaches to Riches

  Hi Simmers!   How do you plan to play with resorts? One of our main goals when  developing resorts was to make sure that it provided...

Fog Emitter Codes Updated to Island Paradise

Another game, another batch of codes! Special thanks to Simified for passing on the updated Fog Emitter codes for Island Paradise! Enjoy! :)     Download:  Fog Emitter...

Island Paradise: New Feature Bits & Screenshots!

  New adventures await your Sims on the sunny shores and beneath the glistening water of an island paradise! From exploring the tropical isles to...

SimGuruGraham’s Guide to Houseboats

  Houseboats! They're awesome, versatile, and totally fun... but they can also be tricky, especially when adding one to a world other than Isla Paradiso....

Sims 3 Island Paradise Review

  Disclaimer: SimsVIP is in no way responsible for any cases of insanity, disfigurement, dismemberment, death, demonic possession, Holy Inquisition, Exterminatus, summonings of Cthulhu, Mordenkainen's...

Tutorial: Building Diving Lots in Other Worlds

  If you want a full blown, step by step tutorial for building Dive Lots in other worlds, Sims 3 player Weealbet has you covered! This...

The Sims 3 Island Paradise Blueprints (Photos)

  Courtesy of Platinum Simmers! Click Below!  

SimsVIP’s Island Paradise Preview by DuckEggPie

  The entire staff here at SimsVIP would like to thank The Sims UK for the opportunity to attend this amazing event. I was not...

Sims 3 Island Paradise: Underwater Dive Lots Guide

  Video Link [youtube]  
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