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The Sims 4 Concept Art

The Sims 4: Early Prototypes by Chi Chan

Fromer Sims 4 Studio Art Director, Chi Chan, has posted some early game prototypes on his website. Among the prototypes listed on the page is very early World Map...

The Sims 4 Island Living: SimGuruJill Shares Expansion Concept Art

SimGuruJill took to Twitter to share a look at some early concepts and prototypes for The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack.   That Hair… We knew early...

The Sims 4: Concept Art by Miles Dulay

Concept Artist Miles Dulay has released some of this concept work from The Sims 4. Seen are concepts of The Sims 4 Oasis Springs...

The Sims 4: Get Famous & Holiday Celebration Art by Eleven Shih

Eleven Shih, concept artist for The Sims 4, has shared some art created for the Get Famous expansion pack and the 2018 update to the...

The Sims 4: Early Concept Art From Gamescom Ads

Back when The Sims 4 was announced at Gamescom, Origin put together a montage of next generation games in their download client. Included in...

The Sims 4: “Chompy the Monsta” Concept Art

  Via SimGuruMeatball - In game screen via Sara De Moor  

The Sims 4 Vampires: Forgotten Hollow Concept Art

SimGuruNinja has shared concept art of Forgotten Hollow from The Sims 4 Vampires

The Sims 4: Concept Art and Concept Reviews

Annie Lee, Concept Artist for The Sims 4, has recently released some finalized concept art reviews and concept art images for The Sims 4 on...

The Sims 4: “Snoot Heights” Concept Art

Whit Brachna, Concept and Illustration Artist, released some new concept art a few months ago, showing off a world from The Sims 4. The...

The Sims 4: Concepts & Game Art by Caiphus Moore

  Via (Artwork has since been deleted from his website) ...
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