Sims 3 Store – Bohemian Garden Now Available

Get your Sims’ green thumbs ready! The Bohemian Garden set is now available to purchase from The Sims 3 Store. It is currently on sale for 1,450 SimPoints until March 10, after which the regular price will be 1,700 SimPoints.

Bohemian Garden (1,450 SP) – Release your Sims inner Bohemian! Spend a spring morning planting a variety of new harvestables and an afternoon lounging under a flower-covered canopy. What free-thinking spirit doesn’t want to take off their retro-styled boots and walk among the wildflowers?
Sales Update 21-02-14


Bohemian Fruit And Nuts (Not Available For Individual Purchase) – It’s time to head out to the garden and plant an exciting variety of new fruits and nuts! And nothing goes better with fruits and nuts than chocolate.

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  1. Red Prussian says:

    Does this have the new harvestables in it? I can’t tell from the picture. And I’m at work so I can’t pop over to the Sims 3 Store, I’m lucky I can access this!!

    1. SimsVIP says:

      Yes. :)

      1. Red Prussian says:

        Thanks!! And thanks for the 2nd picture…now I can see them!!

    2. Toto Caca says:

      To me, new harverstables are NOT in any way a new premium content. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they present oranges from grandpa’s farm and lemons & eggplants from Monte Vista venue as Premium Content?
      Truth is, there are ZERO new animations coming with it, and that’s the second month after January we have ZERO new premium content. Not even an easy one like U-shaped stairs or hammock.
      The set is not lame, what’s lame is how it’s sold.

      1. DoD says:

        I think we got that skirt from somewhere already… The gazebo is lame but the seat cushions and hanging chairs are cool :D Gogo boots should’ve been in 70s80s90s q.q

      2. Awesomemarc says:

        I agree. This is all very nice, but a bit over hyped for what’s included. I might have shelled out the simpoints if the lot as pictured was included in set. I’ll pass for now and purchase the gazebo separately when it becomes available. I was really hoping that the set would feature objects similar to the TS2 Mansions & Garden stuff pack and not have such an emphasis on harvestables.

        1. Awesomemarc says:

          Oh, I just read that the gazebo IS available separately!

        2. Awesomemarc says:

          Here’s a a very nice player created lot that uses all of the included content:

          1. Toto Caca says:

            Great! Thanks!

          2. Mistletoe143 says:


            Do you know if the lot is CC-free? I would like to download it and I can’t tell?!? Thank you!!

          3. Cyberqueen says:

            Thank you for this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

      3. Lydia says:

        Agreed. It is in no way PC.

    3. jpollard89 says:

      8 New Harvestables including Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Peaches, Pears and even Cocoa Beans for Chocolate!
      Unlock new recipes like Strawberry Nectar!

  2. Aaron says:

    And they still put that pic up of that guys jacket which is not part of the collection..

    1. Gabby says:

      And they put that the harvestables were useable by children, which made me think, ‘WHAAAA?’ Both things have been removed since I first saw them, however.

      1. K9DB says:

        WHAAA? Kids can’t eat them? That can’t be right can it?…has anyone tested that?

        1. Kaitlin says:

          They probably meant harvest them.

          1. K9DB says:

            Oh ok, thanks Kaitlin. Then again, they can’t harvest the other plants either. Poor kids, there are many things they can’t do which they should be able to.

    2. krimsonnox says:

      they are getting a little sloppy, but that could be partially blamed on us as we keep pressing for so much distracting interaction lol

      1. DoD says:

        no, it really can’t be blamed on the customers lol

        1. krimsonnox says:

          that was all very tongue in cheek ;p

  3. Bookie says:

    Hmm good thing the gazebo, hanging chair & the wedding arch are available for individual purchases. I wasn’t a huge fan of the clothing; my CAS already loads slowly enough. :P

  4. Karen says:

    Just bought it! Im so excited for the new harvestables! :)

    1. Red Prussian says:

      That’s what I’m excited for too!!

  5. catloverplayer says:

    Does it come with a new lot?

    1. Toto Caca says:


    2. Toto Caca says:

      Let’s hope they do like the Mother russia set and release a lot in the exchange. They should totally do this with the Love, laugh & live set.

      1. catloverplayer says:

        Great now I have to look for all the new stuff and may miss something. Can’t count on the store collection folders because they ‘ve been broken since patch 1.63.

        So I guess the new building is in shutterbug.

  6. catloverplayer says:

    Sim Cookie has the blog in German.

    1. vehne says:

      Yap, and it sounds like the garden would be a new venue at the german blog! And I would want that venue, it looks so cute!
      And I´m missing the yellow dress with the black Flowers InGame! I got the dress, but not including the yellow style and there is no new CAP. Does anyone know if there is a pattern you can change to look like the yellow dress? I really have no clue what they used for it…

      1. vehne says: dress should be a style on its own I guess. It doesn´t look like a pattern. Hmm..why?

  7. Darrell says:

    Disappointed that there’s no new male hair or clothing. Hopefully in the next set … I would especially like to see some new beards and mustaches and stubble, and for teens, too.

  8. peoinee says:

    Im kinda upset that the harvestables are not sold separate i hate when they do that or i would buy them but NO not paying full price when i only want a few things

  9. Coffey says:

    OK EA enough with the female clothes for gods sake male sims hardly have any and none in this pathetic set, flowers are disgusting, the whole set looks like it was rushed to me.

  10. Taffy550 says:

    I really hope someone builds this lot and puts it up on the exchange. I hinted this on the forums. I cannot build or decorate to save my life, and my fairy sims would love this. :)

  11. Francisco says:

    Can someone give me the exchange link to download the lot from this set?

  12. Cloroxclean says:

    I’m glad all the furniture is for sale separately, especially the flowers, I’ve just bought them all (separately of course). I’m pretty sure everything will look great. I’m glad I was able to save quite a bit by not buying it all together.

  13. Robert says:

    Can’t wait for Sims 4. TS3 is looking so dated. Haven’t played in months.

    1. Toto Caca says:

      Good for you. Hate the look of TS4. Can’t wait for more TS3 store content. Bur real stuff, this time, like a world and venue and Premium Contents.

    2. Kalopps says:

      Robert, amen! Sims4 can’t come soon enough. Soooo tired of sims3. I kind of think the flowers in this set look a bit sims4ish.

      1. Toto Caca says:

        Soooooooooooo tired of this kind of comment.

    3. Pumba says:

      Can’t wait for new TS3 store content as well. Ts4 looks so bad, I won’t play it, no way.

  14. MItch says:

    Did they make new plant meshes or put them on the old? Cause if we have berries growing on a lettuce plant and a modder actually made a vine for them guuuuurl.

    1. Perry Elizabeth says:

      Don’t strawberries grow on plants/bushes though, anyway?

  15. Warner says:

    So, has anyone tried to see if the fruits from the new harvestables can be used in necter making?

    1. catloverplayer says:

      The strawberry can be I know.

      What I’m wondering is if you can buy all the new nectar flavors at the grocery store and consignment store.

      1. MatieMay says:

        Just checked bookstore no new recipes :'(

        1. catloverplayer says:

          Some people on the officials said you can make cobblers. Maybe they forgot to add the recipes to the bookstore.

          1. Anny says:

            Cat the cobbler is just one recipe that comes with base game. 
            It’ll use whatever fruit you have in the fridge. 
            It’s always done this. nothing new. 
            Grape, apple, watermelon. 
            I’m disappointed that there are no new recipes. 

            (if there are, besides strawberry nectar which isn’t a surprise since you can use any fruit for nectar. I’d be happy to be proven wrong.)

            I want a bakery so bad at this point. Something like the pizza oven that comes with a ton of pretty looking baked goods. 

    2. Awesomemarc says:

      I uninstalled WA, so I’m wondering what other recipes are available.

  16. Awesomemarc says:

    In her blog post about the new set, Tatertot said this: “The Bohemian Garden has been one of my favorite sets to design. I’ve reimagined some fan favorites and some of these items will tie directly into items in the next couple of releases! ”

    What does that mean exactly? Hmmm….

    1. catloverplayer says:

      I think Simguru Copeland is talking about the harvestables.

      1. catloverplayer says:

        Simguru Copeland is the one that wrote the blog. Tatertot just presented it.

        1. Awesomemarc says:

          Ooops, thanks for correcting me.

      2. Awesomemarc says:

        Probably. I sure do wish the Store gurus would stop with the mysterious way they market new content. Why can’t they just articulate clearly what’s in the pipeline instead of constantly teasing the fans? I find it to be annoying and very off putting.

        1. Perry Elizabeth says:

          You and me both. Tell us so we can plan accordingly.

          1. MckinneyMIni says:

            Its called Hyping….its commonly used in marketing.

    2. MissMo says:

      Of course I could be wrong, but I think these harvestables are our best bet yet that we will see a bakery…Berry Pies, Pecan Pies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pear Galettes…etc.

  17. Jedd says:

    I’m just wondering whether you can use the strawberries with the cows to make strawberry milk! Speaking of which, didn’t chocolate already come with that set?

    1. catloverplayer says:

      Yes chocolate milk came with the cow.

  18. catloverplayer says:

    English version of the blog is now posted

  19. kitty kat says:

    i counted 7 harvestalbes what is the 8th one

    1. Mistletoe143 says:

      8th harvestable is pecans.

      1. kitty kat says:

        thank you.

  20. Rae says:

    Well that’s my money well and truly wasted. It’s like they wanted a bit of cash and threw random stuff together, it’s aesthetically nice looking but what’s the point of having new harvestable fruits & nuts that don’t do that much after you harvest them? I have seen people saying that they will come in handy in the next two sets, but quite frankly for the money we have just spent on this I would of liked these harvestables to come In handy now. It wouldn’t have hurt them to give us new recipes and some new CAS items for males. It just seems slightly lazy. It reminds me of that public shower that came with the skylights studio, it was premium content yet they left it with an invisible door and forgot to take the audio of an opening shower door out. Like I said, lazy and all about the cash.

    1. rab87 says:

      agreed. i feel guilty already now tat i realize that there are no recipes ect. oh well, it is pretty.

  21. Cindy says:

    where can you get the little gardenhouse?

    1. Mary says:

      I was wondering the same thing cause you know I also thought that was the premium content, but no that’s not it it’s the fruits and nuts themselves that’s the premium content, the little gardenhouse was actually built -_- lol

  22. Cat says:

    How do you make chocolate?

  23. BoNaNa says:

    All we need left for harvestables for The Sims 3 Store is…
    1. Corn
    2. Avocado
    3. Pineapple (should’ve been in IP)
    4. Coconut (should’ve been in IP)
    5. Kiwi
    6. Apricots
    7. Mango (could’ve put in IP)

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