Spring Cleaning Sale Sets – Removed

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*Update* – All Sets are no longer available for purchase.


It has been confirmed by SimGuruPopTart, that the 4 Sets in the Spring Cleaning Sale are to be removed for “new and upcoming” sets and store content. Grab those sets while you can, and make sure to back up that content!

The only sets that will still remain available out of the four will be those that are part of the compilation sets. If you need help saving and backing up your store content (highly recommended) see here: Saving & Backing up Store Content.


Per SimGuruPopTart:

Q: What is the Spring Cleaning Sale?
A: The Sims 3 Store is doing some spring cleaning to make room for newer, exclusive content for our The Sims 3 fans. On June 13, Ultra Lounge, Bayside, Asian Fusion, and Storybook Sets will be removed from The Sims 3 Store, so catch them while you can!


Q: If I already own the sets, will I still be able to download them?
A: Yes! If you already own the sets they will always be in your purchase history. Go to your Purchase History, find your set and click the “Download” link. Your The Sims 3 Launcher will download the item.

Q: Will I still be able to buy the sets after the Spring Cleaning Sale?

A: Some sets will remain available for purchase as part of our Compilation Sets.