In Game with Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells

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I’m sure many of you are curious as to what this little Spell Book gives us in game, so here is an in game experience with it.

First off, the object can be found under the “Entertainment” Section in buy mode, and costs a whopping 72,000 Simoleons.  It can only be used by Teens-Elders.




The following Spells are available to learn. Once you have learned a spell, you can always go back and Review it.  There are no visible skills available to be learned, but your sim may not be good at the spell right away.  Reviewing helps re-fresh memory and get better at the skill.




♦ Summon – Need a Sim in a hurry?  Your Sim will summond a random townie into their presence.

♦ Enchant – Learn this Spell to bring the Spell Book to life.  The Spell Book with have small animations and will move pages by itself.

♦ Unleash Animale – Use this spell in a room of unsuspecting Sims.  I did not see anything appear with this, but the pop up says “A Curse, a curse upon you all! The mimicry of beasts great and small!” You will also start to see Sims itching themselves. 😛


♦ Mood Elevatus – Go be a Do-Gooder!  This spell will make your Sim happy and elevate their mood.  If your sim is not experienced, you will get a mood shock and be unhappy and sappy.  This spell can be used for good or bad.

♦ Summon Acquainted – Summond a townie to come over.  This will allow you to choose which friend you want to summond to your house.

New Moodlets