Sims 3 Store – Gothique Library Set

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The Sims 3 Store has added the Gothique Library Set complete with many items including a Library Lot which is 40×30 in Game and a Spell Book.  The lot itself does not fit on any lots in my game, so I had to make room for it.

The Library contains all the new items from the set (couches, bookshelf etc)  and has a mystique to it unlike any other library.  There are several floors to the library, including a deep basement with a fire pit.  To access the basement you must use the “hidden” side door. Out back there are some tombstones as well as an outdoor terrace.


Here are a few in Game Photos oh the Lot.  To see details regarding the Spell Book, see here.


Screenshot-210 Screenshot-212 Screenshot-213 Screenshot-214 Screenshot-215 Screenshot-216 Screenshot-217 Screenshot-218 Screenshot-219 Screenshot-221 Screenshot-220 Screenshot-222 Screenshot-223


Now there is a variety of new objects, and guess what?  Sectional Seating is included! :mrgreen: