In Game Screens of August 2011 Store Hairstyles

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Here are the new August Hairstyles from The Sims 3 Store.  Not all items are live at the moment, so if I have missed any hairstyles, I will be sure to update this post.  Please note the order of photos runs the same as the lists below.

** Store Hair Tabs up top of the site have been updated!


Female – Teens/Adults

♦ Pumped Up Pom Pom Hat

♦ Pert Pixie Cut

♦ Bound Up Bows

♦ Bountiful Beret


Male – Teens/Adults

♦ Riddled Waves Front

♦ Riddled Waves

♦ Clean and Crisp

♦ Sweetly Swept Back

♦ Bundled Up Beanie


Male – Children

♦ Monster Mash Beanie


Female – Children

♦ Rosy Cheeked

♦ Sweeter than Flowers

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11

Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16


Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19