Sims 3 Store – August 2011 Store Sets

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Here is what you can expect to go live in a few hours on The Sims 3 website!


August 2011 Compilation ( 2450 SP ) – Get everything new for the month of August with just one click! This compilation includes Luxe Lounge Spa, Back 2 Skool and Luxury Resort Attire!

♦ Back 2 Skool ( 700 SP ) – You wouldn’t send a plumber out into the world without a wrench, nor should you send a school bound Sim out into the world without the perfect tools to learn! This pack rounds off your Sims study room with everything they could ever need!

♦ Luxe Lounge Spa ( 525 SP ) – Lounge away your cares with a luxury set built to sweep you right off your feet! Escape to a better place with objects that bring the spa home to you.

♦ Luxury Resort Attire ( 1650 SP) – Get all the latest fashions for this world and any other world you might eventually encounter in this exclusive set! Show your Sim a taste of the finer things in life!