$25 discount for Simpoints coming soon?

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Yes, you saw that right! On Christmas (December 25th), it is believed the Sims team may be giving us a promo code, which gives us $25.00 off a $40 Simpoint bundle! Their Holiday Calendar on Facebook, gave us 15% off on December 13th, 20% off on December 19th, but when using the promo code CALENDAR25, you get a whopping $25 off ($40 bundles only)!

This may be a premature allowance/activation of the code for now (since it does work for the 4000 SP bundle), however I would suggest waiting for this code to be properly displayed for use. Abusing this code beforehand may get you banned! You have been warned!


There really is no telling when and if this code will even be available in the future, however this was an observation noted by smashbridges20, only when purchasing the $40 bundle. If you are planning on getting more points soon, wait until this promo code becomes available via the Sims team for aweSIM savings. If you choose to use it now, use at your own risk!

Thanks to Joe T for the email!