Sims 3 Store: New Set + Premium Content! (3/8/12)

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I wasn’t expecting a new set this soon, so will post screenshots & info on the sets later on tonight. Thanks to 50/50 Sims for the heads up!

The Hypnotizer (500 SP) Not Available Separately – Mesmerize and captivate family, friends (and, if you’re a Showtime Magician, your audience too) with your very own Hypnotizer! Whether at home, or on a Showtime stage during a magic performance for hundreds to see… with the power of mind control, the spotlight will most definitely belong to you!



Set 2


Seeing Stars (1,700 Sale) – For a performance that is mesmerizing both on stage and off, the audience will be captivated (and controlled) when your Sim steps into the spotlight with The Hypnotizer, and full collection of the Show Stopping Styles! With the Seeing Stars Set, in no time at all, your Sims will be seeing stars!