Hypnotizer Now Indidividual + Show Styles SubSet

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So instead of giving us the usual new mid month sets, the Sims 3 Store team has released a SubSet for the Show Stopping Set, and have now released the Hypnotizer for Individual Sale.


For info on the Hypnotizer + Show Set, click here!


Show Stopping Styles Collection (1,850 SP) (Without the Hypnotizer) – All the world’s a stage, and you’ll never feel out of the spotlight when you look like a star! Step on stage and let the show begin with any of the pieces from our scorching and sizzling Show Stopping Style Collection!




The Hypnotizer (500 SP) – Mesmerize and captivate family, friends (and, if you’re a Showtime Magician, your audience too) with your very own Hypnotizer! Whether at home, or on a Showtime stage during a magic performance for hundreds to see… with the power of mind control, the spotlight will most definitely belong to you!


Thanks to 50/50 Sims for the info!