Sims 3 Store – Changes to Daily Deal & Gifting

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Since the “March Mayhem” begun, the Sims 3 Store has undergone some changes that affect both how the daily deal is handled & gifted. If an item is on the Daily Deal, the store page will be updated to let you know it’s on sale (good thing!), however, the gifting/add to wishlist options have been disabled while an item is on the daily deal. If the item was previously on your wishlist, it is removed during it’s session on the daily deal.

There is no confirmation on the disabled gifting button being permanent, but it seems that this is a “new store feature”. What could be EA’s reasoning behind this? Perhaps trying to get more users to purchase their own simpoints to increase “unique” store sales? I have no idea, but I do know that this is a very inconvenient change!


Thanks to AznSensei for bringing this to my attention!


See today’s Daily Deal as an example!
Daily Deal