SimGuruAims, The Store, & Something to Make You Hungry

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SimGuruAims popped into a thread (Thanks Catloverplayer!) to give everyone some insight on how the Store Set Releases have changed, and why they choose to bulk up a set and release smaller subsets in the future.

There was also mention about something new coming to the Store, that makes Guru’s hungry just talking about it. Are we looking at a possible Katy Perry Set? Some Premium Content that will allow us to create new culinary creations? We have to wait and see!



Thought it would be a good time to give a bit of info about our sets for the store!

We love our sets and we love being able to offer strongly themed sets to our players on The Sims 3 Store (because we think our players love to be “fully immersed” in the stories they are telling… whether it’s because of the homes they are building, the lots they are designing, the characters they are creating, the situations they are “engineering” etc). We hope that our store sets are giving our players (who, by the way, are some of the most creative people out there, we believe) a jumping off point to some wonderful creations! (Obviously they are…because we can see in the thousands (hundreds of thousands?!?!) of posts here and all over the internet showing the amazing stuff our players create with our game objects!

Making great sets isn’t a quick process, and it takes TEAMS of very skilled people working full time for months at a time, to concept, create and deliver them to you. The inspirations for our various sets come from many places… and sometimes it can be traced right back here to what we see on, by way of requests and player created stories. We definitely want to give our players the sets they want to have, and we love hearing your ideas about themes you’d like to see!

We like selling a complete set when it’s brand new on the store because it nice to offer everything new in that theme, at the set discount price, and all together. We think a player can get the set, plop the whole thing right into their game, and then get to creating a new experience, which feels well supported by their new content. Sometimes, we offer two or three smaller sets, each supporting different themes, sometimes we offer a big set that centered around one main theme. For the most part, we release everything that we can, as soon as we can, because we like to give you guys as much as possible as soon as possible!


We do understand that many of our players have the awesome ability to take a lamp inspired by India, a Gothic dining table, a mid century modern bookcase, a Sci-Fi couch, a safari coffee table and a Las Vegas juice bar, and make them all work together in a truly EPIC room/house/lot… (I wish I had that ability!!)… so we plan on continuing to support those players as we have in the past, by releasing the individual items at some point following the release of a set. (For the time being, as a very general guideline, individual items would come available probably not sooner than 2 weeks after the release of a set, and probably not later than 6 weeks…though of course, there are many factors that could effect that time frame, and in either direction).

So that’s a little insight into our store sets! Love seeing the images coming from the India Inspiration set! Can’t wait for you to see what’s coming up in the near future…just thinking about it makes me… hungry…