Sims 3 Store: The Alfresco Street Market Venue

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SimGuruTaterTot shared an image of the venue lot that is releasing this Thursday. The Alfresco Street Market Venue will provide produce carts that allow Sims to buy and  sell produce.

Thanks Amy, Will & jdeastkntckysims!

Hi there!
I’m on fire with these blogs! I can’t wait until we release the Sims 3 Monte Vista on Thursday. Expect it to show up on the Sims 3 Store sometime around 10am Pacific (could be earlier, could be slightly later — you know how technology goes).
As a reminder, the Sims 3 Monte Vista will NOT be available for simpoints. It will be in a bundle, similar to how Barnacle Bay is set up. We’ll be offering a $20 bundle for those of you who just want a world + 100 simpoints, and then a $35 simpoint bundle with will contain Monte Vista + 1900 simpoints. The $35 simpoint bundle is especially great if you want to purchase a venue to go along with the world.
Speaking of venues, as SimGuruSmitty had teased last week during the Monte Vista Broadcast, we’re releasing a venue at the same time we’re releasing Monte Vista. Introducing…the Al Fresco Street Market!




I’ll let you all pick over the image and guess what type of content we’re releasing with this venue 🙂
As a general note — this venue will be available for purchase with simpoints.
Unless you have the simpoints ready to go, I highly suggest that if you’re going to get this venue and Monte Vista, it’s going to be much easier to grab the $35 bundle than to purchase two separate simpoint bundles.