Sims 3 Store: Farm Fresh Folk Set Now Available

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Farm Fresh Folk Set (1,200 SP – On Sale) – Are the chickens and horses lonely on your Sim’s farm? Enter the Farm Fresh Folk Set with the Milkin’ It Dairy Corral and your problems are solved! In addition to cows (YES, COWS!), you’ll get a whole new set of pioneer-inspired clothing and home decor to help you create the perfect farm! Your Sims are one step closer to self-sufficient living…



Milkin’ It Dairy Corral (Not available for individual purchase) – The Milkin’ It Dairy Corral lets you milk cows until the cows come home..err..never mind. These aren’t just normal cows though – they can give you several different flavors of milk, and if you’re lucky, milkshakes! Be careful though, these cows are smart and competitive. They have no mercy when playing an intense game of Tic-Tac-Hoof, and they don’t like to be tipped over!

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