The Sims 3 Store Team Wants Your Ideas!

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Copeland Needs Your Store Ideas
SimGuruCopeland today posted on the forums that The Sims 3 Store Team are looking to see which sets or themes we would like to see fleshed out for The Sims 3 Store. We know that the Store Team are listening to what we would like to see in the Store as we have had many business items, toddler items and the upcoming Prism Art Studio Venue which will not only introduce glass blowing, jewellery making and perfume making, but also L-shaped stairs.
So now is your chance to get heard! Is there any theme or set you would like to see built upon? Maybe you like the Edwardian Kitchen set and would like more of that? Or a Country Livin’ styled bedroom set? Or maybe you have a completely new idea for the Store Team! Be sure to head over to the forum post and let your voice be heard… erm, read!
Remember though, this is for new sets only, not for new Premium Content items, Worlds or Venues! A vague disclaimer is no ones friend 😀

Submit your ideas in this thread!