The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection: Remove Black Squares

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 ❗ Try using the boolprop simshadows false cheat first to see if it resolves your issue

bandicam 2014-07-20 17-37-18-028

People who have registered their copy of The Sims 2 with Origin are getting copies of The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection added to their Game Library. Along with the Game Resolution problem people have been reporting, another issue has cropped up for people who are revisiting this timeless classic – black squares under Sims! This isn’t actually a game glitch, but rather a byproduct of the game running on advanced hardware. It is extremely simple to remove these black squares too!


Simply open your Game Options and go to Graphics/Performance Options.

bandicam 2014-07-20 17-42-52-251
You will see that your Shadow Details settings are set to high. All you need to do is set the detail to Medium and apply the changes and the black square will go away.



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And just like that the black square has gone!


bandicam 2014-07-20 17-43-55-962

You will notice that Sims won’t have a shadow on the floor any more, but at least you can play easy and not worry about that black pit devouring your Sim now!! 😀