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When Bob and Eliza Pancakes relocated to the town of Newcrest, they were not expecting their cost of living to go so high. But, there is evidence that since September 2014, bills have risen sharply – coincidentally, this worrying trend began on the day that The Sims 4 came out in countries across the non-Sim world.

omp eliza1

Bob works as a chef, and he doesn’t get to spend much time at home. Eliza told us of how her boredom led to her making a lot of money.


“Bob is always at work. We’re always fighting because of it. He’s always cooking; pancakes are a sore spot in our relationship. We can’t eat them without getting into an argument.”

After we got the conversation back on track, Eliza revealed that creative skills were key to her new, comfortable source of income. “I just put brush to canvas,” she told us. “At first my paintings were little more than Kindergarten-grade, but soon, my skill started to pick up.”

Eliza’s paintings are now considered masterpieces by art critics across the nation, and she earns upwards of $10,000 for most of her work. She can paint all manner of genres, from still life to abstract art. Her art makes enough to live on, but she just kept learning.


“I thought to myself, ‘that’s one skill mastered – what’s next?’. I decided that I would start writing next.”

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She told us that writing is a bit more of a slow burn. “Your first books won’t make much at all, but as you get better, you’ll start getting more in royalties.” If you’re looking for quick cash, writing isn’t the source, she tells us. Writing means you are paid royalties every week, but painting means you get to sell your paintings and make money straight away.

What’s next for Eliza? “I’m planning to open my own boutique,” she tells us. “It’s going to be a beautiful little art gallery. Hopefully Bob will be able to spend some time there.”

On that rather icy note, will you be using any of our tips to make money? Next time you’re in a pinch for some cash, give some creative skills a go – you’ll be surprised at how much you can make!