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During my hands-on time at EA’s Get Together Creator’s Camp, I took a look at the brand new Traits, Aspirations, and Skills included with the game. Starting off in Create-a-Sim, there are two brand new Traits, One New Aspiration, and a New Reward Trait.

The two new Traits available for use straight away are the “Dance Machine” and “Insider” Traits. These traits fit well with the new Dancing Skill and Clubs System.


Dance Machine – These Sims cant wait to get down, boogie, and party all night! When at venues like Bars, Nightclubs, and Lounges, these Sims can get a burst of energy with the Party Time interaction. Dance Machines also receive a happy Moodlet when arriving ay social venues.

Insider – These Sims love being in Clubs, and tend to be happiest when surrounded by their friends.

11-20-15_3-36-41 PMAdvanced dancer showing off the “Light Spin” spinning move.

In addition to traits is a brand new Aspiration titled “Leader of the Pack”. This Aspiration is beneficial to Sims looking to become the “top dog” and being the leader of the best club in town. Completing this aspiration gives Sims the new “Natural Leader” reward trait.

Leader of the Pack – This Sim wants to be the leader of the best Club in Town! (Reward Trait: Natural Leader) Attempting to take over a Club always succeeds, and your Sim can’t be overthrown. Your Sim will also earn Club Points while in a gathering much faster.


Natural Leader (Reward Trait) – Sims that are natural leaders will earn Club points much faster, and they will be able to overthrow other leaders with ease.

11-19-15_11-38-24 AMWho will your leader be?

After you have customized your Sims with the new traits and aspirations, it’s time to start building their skills. The Sims 4 Get Together includes two brand new skills (DJing and Dancing) complete with rewards. Rewards are unlocked as Sims increase their skill level.

Increasing the Dance Skill unlocks new dance moves and gives Sims a boost of confidence while on the dance floor. No more will they do the chicken dance!


Dance Skill (Level 1) – This Sim is busting some moves. They have unlocked some new dance moves and can now show off the “Arm Charm” dance move on the Dance Floor. As their skill increases from dancing to a Stereo or Dj Booth and/or practicing in front of a full-lenghth mirror. As they increase they will gain more moves.

Dance Skill (Level 2) – This Sim can now Discuss Dance Techniques with other Sims. On the Dance Floor, she can also show off with the Pump-Pop dance move!

Dance Skill (Level 3) – This Sim can can now show off the Jimmy Leg dance move on the Dance Floor. Your Sim has now received a portable Dance Floor in her inventory so she can take it anywhere!


Dance Skill (Level 4) – This Sim can now show off the Light Spin spinning move on the Dance Floor and has added some new dance steps to her dance moves.

Dance Skill (Level 5) – This Sim can now do the Back Flip and has unlocked a new pair of dancing retro sneakers accessible via the Closet.

11-20-15_3-34-31 PMAdvanced Sims doing the “Fire Dance”

Increasing the DJ Skill unlocks a variety of new rewards, including the ability to make mix tapes, upgrade the DJ Booth, Set the Mood, and more. The DJ Skill is loads of fun!


DJ Skill (Level 1) – Practice DJ-ing on DJ Booth

DJ Skill (Level 2) – Play Music Genre (Groovin’ and Machine) and switch between available genres while DJ-ing. Other Sims will also be able to enjoy the performance via dancing or watching.

DJ Skill (Level 3) – Play Chip-Tune Genre and switch to available genres while DJing. Sims will also be able to Discuss Techniques with other Sims.

DJ Skill (Level 4) – Play Chill-Out Genre and “Switch to” available genres interaction while DJing.

DJ Skill (Level 5) – Play Backbeats Genre

DJ Skill (Level 6) – Play Remixes Genre. Upgrade DJ Booth. Get protection from those accidental Fires! Dynamic Surge Protection and Advanced Heat Sink Upgrades are now available on select DJ Booths. Sims at this level can also engage with the audience with the “Get Hyped” interaction.


DJ Skill (Level 7) – Play House Genre – Two new Upgrades (Install Plasma Display and Equip Practicle Generators now available on DJ Booths)

DJ Skill (Level 8) – Play Machine Genre – Once upgraded you can add new screens to the performance by enabling Telesplosion via the Control Panel. Nearby TV Screens will join in on creating a powerful DJ Experience for the audience. Can now create Mix Tape (Mix-o-Lot) and play it during a performance upon completion.

DJ Skill (Level 9) – Play Hip Hop Genre – Create Wiky Wiky and Scratch n Switch Mix Tapes.

DJ Skill (Level 10) – Play Noise Genre – Set The Mood of the audience with the “Feel the Crowd” option. Create Digital Era, Party Hardy, and Electrical Utsu mix tapes. Unlocked the Robo-Helmet to spice up their performance outfit! Available via the Closet.


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