The Sims 4 Get Together: Your Questions Answered!

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As you know by now, SimsVIP visited the EA Creators Camp in Redwood Shores. We had asked for your questions about The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack, and we brought a list of answered questions back for you!

❗ Please keep in mind that these are the questions you asked us to get answered. For general information about Get Together, visit our Mega Post! If your question/answer is not on this list, then we were unable to get an answer.

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How do Sims join pre-made or other clubs?

To join a Club, click on the glowing button in the bottom right corner to open the Clubs panel. From there, just click the Join A Club button for a list of available Club openings and their requirements.

Can two members of a household become a club by themselves? Can family members be a club in different households? Can more than one household member be a leader of different clubs?

Yes to all of these. Clubs are based on each individual Sim, not by Households at all.

Will Sims in a club gathering automatically do what the active Sim or leader does, or does it use a special interaction to make them all do it?

A little bit of both! With the group system, your active Sim will be able to use a special interaction to encourage other Sims to join them. With the Club Gathering, Sims will have a high preference for the interactions of the Club over anything else.

Is there a time limit on club gatherings?

There is not a time limit on Club gatherings, they can go for days on end!

Is a romantic club able to kiss and WooHoo with acquaintances and Sims they don’t know?

Clubs are able to be set to perform certain interactions with Everyone, a certain Club, or this Club’s members. Setting a Club up to be flirty with everyone will result in shameless flirtations! However, if a significant other of one of the Club members sees the Sim performing romantic interactions, they will get jealous. If the significant other is in the Club as well, there will not be any jealousy.

Will clubs be able to travel to destination worlds as a club or at a gathering? Can clubs select Granite Falls lots as a hangout?

Yes and no. You will be able to travel with your group with the vacation system however it will not be considered a Club gathering since it’s through that system. The lots in the Vacation system are not available for hangouts.

How do clubs interact and rival with each other? Is it automatic or do you need to perform interactions?

You can set each Clubs up to interact with another Club in a certain way as to Be Mean and Fight against the other. Setting both Clubs with this will make a rival that will be visible in your game.

Will townies randomly join clubs?
When a club is created you can select for it to be Open Invitation or Invite Only. Sims will call the leader of the club and ask to join the Club.
Can we set the day and time of club meetings or does it occur instantly?

You can start a gathering instantly by clicking the Start A Gathering button but not schedule it with a day/time.

Can we arrange for several different clubs to meet at a location and then watch them all at the same time?

Yes! Several different clubs can be customized to prefer a specific venue. You can take part in one of those clubs or just watch them interact without being involved.

What happens when a Sim is at work and asked to a club Get Together.
If your Sim is at work, they will get a text that asks them if they’d like to join the Club Gathering. Your Sim can select Yes and leave work instantly, although they would take a hit from their job performance as though they had left work early normally. If your Sim wants to start a gathering, all other Sims will be pulled out of their jobs to join.
Will the club gatherings be using the task/goal system like the parties and GTW careers?

No. During a Club gathering, your Sims will gain Club points by performing interactions that align with their Club’s preferences. There are not any goals involved in the Club gathering besides your own.

What premade clubs will we see in GT?

Avant Gardes, Garden Gnomes, Knights of the Hedge, League of Adventurers, Paragons, Partilhaus, Powerhouse, Renegades, Spin Masters, The Good Timers, and Upper Crusts

Can people who don’t want Clubs in their games disable them?

No, Clubs cannot be disabled however players can choose not to take part in Clubs.

Will Sims ever autonomously break the rules of a Club?

During club gatherings, Sims will not feel pushed to break the Club rules but sometimes they will autonomously do so via traits, needs, or player interactions. When a Sim breaks a rule, a new interaction is available to scold them. Other Sims will autonomously scold them as well. Scolding a Sim will reduce your friendship with them a little and they might become sad.

Can residential lots be set as a club hangout?

Clubs can gather at club member residences or specify which type of venue, or even a specific venue. When you designate a club house. You can set any of a type and randomly choose one of those types in the world. You can lock the door of a venue to each club on any door in the game. You can make your own house the hangout and set a special room for the secret place.

Can you manually add and remove Sims from your club?

As a leader, you can add Sims that meet your requirements to the Club by clicking the addition sign when creating a club and in live mode with the Club panel.

Can club career requirements be sub-divided? (such as Chef career level 5+)

No they cannot. The requirements are restricted to Age, Career, Marital Status, Financial Status, Traits, and Skill Level +2. Supernaturals such as Aliens have a hidden Alien trait bound to them and is found in the Trait requirement list. Players cannot customize what Skill Level will be the minimum for recruitment.

Can any member start a club gathering or is it only the leader?

Any club member can start a Club gathering.

Can an active Sim get kicked out of the club? How hard is it?

If your Sim is breaking the rules, they are able to get kicked out of the club. Likewise if your Sim’s relationship is low with the fellow Club members.


How many lots are in Windenburg?

Windenburg has 27 lots in 4 different neighborhoods. 24 of these lots are editable and there are three special lots that are not editable similar to the hidden lots from Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. There are two 64×64 lots in Windenburg. The special lots can be considered as smaller neighborhoods since they have their own small public areas around them.

How many new venue types are we getting? What are they? Will they come in a patch or GT exclusive?

The new pool venue will be added in the free patch update. A cafe venue will be added with The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack.

What more can we know about the sea monster?

The sea monster’s name is Emily and can be seen around the Island Bluffs. The sea monster cannot be interacted with. Also, a screenshot!

Will we see rounded pools in GT for the natural pools?

No. The natural pools are just the pool tool we have now with different border and water color.


Approximately how many new objects is in this expansion?

There are approximately 217 new build/buy items in The Sims 4 Get Together.

Are there diving boards or are they just diving platforms?

For now, there are only diving platforms that come as modern or rock textured.

Is the WooHoo bush in buy mode and will it be placeable? Will it already be placed in a Windenburg lot?

The Anything Goes Party Bush is located in the Build/Buy mode and can be placed anywhere that you want on a lot. A few of the lots in Windenburg already have a bush placed for convenience.

Are all the arcade machines large?

All of the arcade machines are one size and allow up to four Sims to play on it at a time.

What kind of new recipes are in Get Together?

 There are new bar food and cafe recipes. See the list here.

Will there be pool tables, bunkbeds, or gaming consoles?

None of those will be added with The Sims 4 Get Together.

Dance & DJ

Is the laptop exclusive to the DJ Station or are we getting laptops in GT?

The laptop on top of the DJ Station is for the DJ Station only.

What are new portable items? 

 Sims who reach level three in the Dancing Skill will receive a carboard dance floor in their inventory. I am unsure if any of the other dance floors are portable.

How many different DJ station meshes are there?

 There are four different styles available in buy mode.

Will we be able to make money or get tips from DJs or Dancing?

Yes! The DJ will be able to pump up the crowd to hype them up. The better performance will result in Sims giving you some tips!

How large is the transparent dance floor? Are there different sizes of dance floors? Can they be resized?

The transparent dance floors come in three different sizes: 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5. They are also resizeable with the shortcuts and will work as intended as a dancefloor. The transparency does go one floor down and when placed on grass will reveal dirt beneath.

Can Sims slow dance or perform other types of dancing such as ballet?

No, slow dancing and ballet was not added in Get Together.

How many new Dance Moves does it add?

For group dancing, there are up to 5 choreographed dances with up to 8 Sims in one dance group.

Will kids be able to dance-off?


Can we have dance classes like Yoga?




Are there any new jobs or careers?

There are not any new jobs or careers in The Sims 4 Get Together.

How many new items are there in Create A Sim and what styles?

There is a large variety of different styles being added to the Create A Sim! It strikes a balance of bright colors as well as more relaxed earth tones. Girls will have 4 new hairstyles, 5 new shirts, 5 outfits, 1 costume, 3 shoes. Boys will get 2 hairstyles, 3 shirts, 3 outfits, 1 costume, 1 pair of shoes, and 1 pair of socks. Women will have 8 new hairstyles, 15 shirts, 1 pants, 7 skirts, 12 outfits, 9 accessories, 1 costume, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 make-up additions, and 2 hats. Men will have 5 hairstyles, 1 new facial hair style, 15 shirts, 3 pants, 4 outfits, 5 accessories, 1 costume, 4 pairs of shoes, and 2 new hats.

Are there any new interactions for family and children?

The Sims team has attempted to make certain that almost every content they added into Get Together would be able to include all ages of Sims.

Are there any sports related activities in GT?

Unless you are considering e-sports and dancing as sports, there aren’t any sports related activities added in Get Together.

Any new radio station? Any new music genre? If so, what are they?

 There are new genres that are unlocked by leveling up in the DJ Skill. These genres include: Groovin’ and Machine, Chip-Tune, Chill-Out, Backbeats, Remixes, House, Machine, Hip-Hop, and Noise. During our hands-on time we did not see a new radio station.

Is Social Bunny making an appearance in GT?

 The Social Bunny does not seem to be making an appearance in this expansion.

Are there any new phone interactions?


Will Sims be able to streak?
Streaking is already available in the game via the Mischief Skill, however, there is a new clothing category called “Nude” that let’s Sims walk around with a pixelated blur. 

What new aspirations are in GT?

The Leader of the Pack is a new aspiration for Sims that want to be the leader of the most successful club. Completeing the aspiration will give the reward trait Natural Leader that will earn Club points faster and help in the success of overthrowing Club leaders. For more about the aspiration, click here.

What new traits are in GT?

There are two new traits in Get Together: Dance Machine and Insider. The Dance Machine trait will have better moods at social venues and increase the dance skill faster. The Insider trait will have better moods while in social groups. For more about the traits, click here.



Upcoming Patch

Will there be a map/world update?

The maps will be in the upcoming patch that will release before Get Together. For more about the upcoming patch, click here.

Will we have a patch before GT? What will it contain?