The Sims 4 City Living: Preview Mega Post

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The Sims team hosted a series of events worldwide for The Sims 4 City Living Expansion. This post contains links to preview articles, videos, and screenshots from events around the world and will be updated regularly. Please note the embargo dates:

Embargo details are as follows: 

  • Info Release Details:
    • Q&A’s and Producer Interviews (October 24th @ 7am Pacific)
    • Screenshots, Game Facts, and Video Footage (October 24th @ 7am Pacific)
    • First impressions (October 24th @ 7am Pacific)
    • Final Reviews and Opinions (October 31st @ 7am Pacific)

Info from the event will be posted below, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

(New articles marked as NEW)

Preview Links


OSimBR (Brazil)


Portal Sim (Brazil)


BJ Produções (Brazil)


Raony Phillips (Brazil)


Chico GamesBR (Brazil)


The Sim Style (Brazil)


SimCookie (France)


News Sims (France)


Les Sims Wiki (France)


Studio Sim Creations (France)


Amaz Sims (France)


Direct Sims (France)


YAYO (France)


Fezet (France)


Official Forums (France)


L’Univers Sims (France)


Pixia Gaame (France)


Sims Artists (France)


Les Sims (France)


Crinrict (Switzerland – German Event)


Akisima (Germany)


BlackySimsZoo (Germany)


SimForum (Germany)


SimTimes (Germany)


Gossip Sims (Germany)


SimFans (Germany)


Official Forums (Germany)


SimsCri (Italy)


DotSim (Poland)


Simowy Brukowiec (Poland)


DefiFreakyBoo (Czech – Polish Event)


Electronic Arts (Poland)


pekesims (Spain)


Rincon Del Simmer (Spain)


Mprin (Spain)


eduarditosims (Spain)


BeyondSims (UK)


Platinum Simmers (UK)