It Gets Better: Pets Expansion Pack Code Found in The Sims 4

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Pets might be right around the corner! Thanks to community modder Zerbu, we now have a first look at official game code mentioning Pets in The Sims 4. The following “Cat and Dog” code was found within the game after today’s game patch:

<C n=”DefaultGenealogyLink”>
<L n=”_elements”>
<T ev=”3″>Alien Pollinator</T>
<T ev=”4″>Cat_Owned</T>
<T ev=”5″>Cat_Owner</T>
<T ev=”6″>Dog_Owned</T>
<T ev=”7″>Dog_Owner</T>

<U />
<E n=”genealogy_link”>Cat_Owner</E>
<E n=”species_actor”>CAT</E>
<E n=”genealogy_link”>Cat_Owned</E>
<E n=”species_target”>CAT</E>
<E n=”genealogy_link”>Dog_Owner</E>
<E n=”species_actor”>DOG</E>
<E n=”genealogy_link”>Dog_Owned</E>
<E n=”species_target”>DOG</E>

(Additional code updates found here)

We have has several hints of Pets over the last few years, more specifically an official survey, proof that pets and animal are being explored, and confirmation by a guru that Pets will not function as objects when they arrive.  Excited for 2017? It’s only just begun!