Welcome Home SSP Starseeker!

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Earlier this morning, the SSP Starseeker returned from its mission to Xecrara. The Sims Space Program allows Sims from 17 to 26 to become an Astronaut, which then allows them to go on missions. The Xecrara mission was just Astronaut Edwin Luna’s first of many, where he will travel to different planets in space trying to find Sim-like aliens, capable of intelligence.

Astronaut Returns

Astronaut Edwin Luna reunited with family after a successful mission

“First of all, the SSP was amazing in helping me prepare for my first mission,” says Mr. Luna, “and being in space was a great experience. I’d recommend the program to anyone who can stomach it.” Astronaut Edwin Luna claimed to have returned from Xecrara with a tentacle around his leg. “It looked like it had been chopped off or something! I didn’t do it though, so this makes us [the scientists and Astronauts at the SSP] wonder what happened to it.” It seems this mission to the planet Xecrara could prove the existence of aliens! Maybe not ones like us, but some tentacle-bearing creature. This could be the beginning of something great!


Aliens on Xecrara?

Our in-house expert Dr. Mortimer seems to think that it is possible that aliens could be living on the planet Xecrara. The atmosphere, as far as we can tell, is breathable for Sims, but who knows what could be residing there. “After all,” Dr. Mortimer told us, “those undead folk lurch around at nighttime trying to drink all our plasma! So why not add aliens to the mix? We’ll have to run tests on the tentacle Mr. Luna has brought back with him before anything can be confirmed though.” Despite the lack of solid evidence before now, I’m sure that I never see anyone visit my neighbor for a reason. Of course, if he is an alien, I’d be happy to find out more about him! Perhaps he is from Xecrara and has a hidden tentacle somewhere?

Edwin Shares his Experience

Edwin in his home

This famous Astronaut even has a picture of a rocket ship in his bedroom! We asked him to share some interesting facts about him and his adventure into space:

What inspired you to become an Astronaut?
Granite Falls, where Edwin’s father took him camping as a boy

“I think it was from going camping with my dad when I was a boy. We would look up at the stars and I would think of how amazing it would be to go from each planet making new friends. Of course, I was young and I didn’t know of the dangers, but once I began really thinking of what I wanted to do, I always came back to the idea of seeing the stars, so I signed up for SSP the first chance I had.”

What was the training process like for you during the SSP? Did you find anything tough?

“Oh yeah, definitely. Everything about the process was tough, even signing the papers in the first place! I knew that I’d have to be away from my family for a while during missions and that was hard, especially for my 8-year-old son Jamie. As for the training itself, well, it was certainly rigorous as we had to exercise on specific equipment at a certain time, and we had to sleep exactly 8 hours and it was just tough – you had to get really fit over a long period of time while eating set diets. No more fast-food for a while!”

What was Xecrara like? Did you find anything interesting while you were there?

“Xecrara is honestly just a beautiful planet. I’d never seen anything so amazing! I didn’t really find any creatures around, but I guess there must be some as I had that tentacle around my leg. It was very sandy and sort of purple-ish, kinda like a purple Mars, and I picked up a few samples of the sand but there really wasn’t much there. Still, it was an amazing experience and I hope if I go back soon that I find some aliens!”

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this week’s article, and feel free to ask any questions you have about Xecrara or the Astronaut, or anything at all really. Until next time!