The Sims 4: Secrets and Easter Eggs

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Many of us have sunk hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into The Sims 4. Despite this, secrets we have yet to discover can be found right under our noses. In this article I will be listing a bunch of cool secrets and easter eggs hidden in the game.

Duck Puddle

Today i learned that you can use the recolor tool on a puddle and change its shape into a duck from thesims

We’ve all been there. After playing a new household for a relaxing few hours, a dishwasher breaks down, leaving a liquid mess to sprawl across your kitchen floor. Will you get your sim to repair it? Of course not. Lets call the repairman! In the meantime you might want to clean up the mess… But wait! If you leave your puddle to lounge a little longer and experiment in build mode, you may be rewarded.


Speaking of puddles…there are reaper puddles too!

Head in to build mode, use the design tool, and voila! As well as being able to choose from an assortment of random puddle shapes, you will also be able to transform it in to the shape of a duck.

Note: The puddle must be the largest size for this to work.

Hidden Locations

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The Sims 4 Base Game, Outdoor Retreat and Get To Work added a total of four hidden locations. Whether it be a lush forest, deserted cave, or alien planet, there is plenty to do. There appears to have been no new hidden locations since, but we can only hope that Cats and Dogs will add another. Click on the appropriate hyperlinks to be taken right to the hidden location guides for each respective game.

Left and Right Handedness

While playing The Sims, most of us don’t pay too much attention to each animation. But if you look a little closer next time you play, you’ll notice that Sims, just like humans, can be left or right handed. This is a hidden trait within the game which can be modified with a cheat code!



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On the surface, it may appear that the famous Cowplant is no more. Dig further, and you will find that it is obtainable through fishing, digging for treasure or exploring outer space. That’s not the only awesome flower to be found in the game. The Death Flower can be used to spare your sims life from Grim Reaper, and is acquired by splicing the Orchid and Pomegranite plants.

And speaking of plants, it was only earlier this year that PlantSims were added in game as part of a seasonal event. Hopefully they will make a return for those of us who missed it!

Hidden Aspiration

Feel like you’re stuck in a repetitive cycle of gameplay when playing The Sims 4? How about giving one of your sims the hidden Grilled Cheese aspiration? Just eat three consecutive dishes of grilled cheese and prepare to live a life fulfilling a cheesy goal.


Literal Easter Eggs

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Let’s not forget the literal Easter eggs which have appeared in game during Easter season the past two years. Keep your eyes peeled for their inevitable return in March 2018!

Have I missed your favorite secret? Let me know in the comments!