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Let us play a game of “Guess Who” first.

When he comes after your loved ones you fear; when he comes after your nemeses you cheer.

From him you learn the value of life; through him you cherish the remanent of time.

Concealed in a grey robe he shows; Swirled in a dark mist he goes.

Who is this guy?

If these verses are as obvious as I thought they are, you must have the answer already.

That’s right! The answer is the Grim Reaper.

The Interview

For those who are lucky enough to have never met him. The SMT received an opportunity to sit down with Grim in Forgotten Hollow and talk about topics ranging from what he does to what he wants.

The SMT is “lucky” enough to have Grim Reaper with us, talking about his work. (FILE)

Q: Okay, I’ll cut to the chase, I’m sure every sim is curious about this—what does the Netherworld look like?


A: Well, it’s not that big of a difference than here… pardon me, I need to check this message. Oh, you’ll find out soon enough… wait! I’ve said too much. Anyways, Forgotten Hollow is very similar to Nether, with less of this annoying sunshine, I’d say. Sims assume it is underground, but Nether is in another dimension, actually. So no worries, I’m sure you’ll lead a good life there. Don’t ask too many questions there though, Netherworld officials generally dislike reporters.

Grim Reaper checking an “urgent” message in the middle of the interview. (FILE)

Q: Right… you’ve had this job for like… forever, was there a specific time period of which you enjoyed the most?

A: Oh I don’t know. Pretty much every time periods are enjoyable for me. They upgrade my gears and outfit from time to time. Do you know that my robe has a pair of wings back in the Mid-ages? Oh, of course, you don’t, I forgot how short sims’ lives are. On that note, they also let me reap all kinds of poor souls, so no complaint there. Plus, I get to see some really amusing lives, and deaths, obviously. I used to spare some of the unfortunate ones because their lives simply go well with a glass of Shadow Realm.


Q: You mentioned “they” in your last answer, who are they?

A: No idea, they used to leave notes telling me what to do. Nowadays, they just message me since we’ve been “digitalized” since 2014. Frankly, I think it made me too reachable, and I have to file those, ugh, documents faster. I like it better when I can write at a grim pace.

Q: Could you share some of the difficulties you encountered during work?

A: Lately, I’ve been drowning in paperwork as many pools with fences are being built. Some shady contractors, if you ask me. More importantly, I cannot remember the last time I had some time off. Sims can be so self-centered sometimes. But the customers rarely complain, so that’s nice.

The work of Soul Reaping is not as easy as it seems. But the Grim Reaper enjoys the power, nonetheless. (FILE)

Q: How do you manage to appear in two places when multiple sims die at the same time?

A: That’s a corporate secret. I can’t comment on that. But I can bump you up on the list if you’re dying to find out, sounds good?

Q: Um, what? No!

A: Fine, it’s m… your loss.

Q: Let’s carry on, shall we? Final question, though a bit gossip-ish, is there someone special in your life?

A: What kind of question is that? The forces of darkness do not have time for romance; though I do enjoy sims trying their best flirting with me. Guess they just can’t get enough of Grim, huh?

We hope you enjoyed these information as much as we did. Now, if you will excuse me, I must go cultivate some Death Flowers.




Editor’s note

Some of the interview materials are retrieved from the actual game. Credits to Maxis Studio.