(UPDATE) Another EA Agent Talks “Sims 4 Seasons Release Date”

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❗ UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that the EA rep who decided to give out info on a specific release date for “Seasons” may have decided to Google Search “Sims 4 Seasons Release Date”. When doing so, one of the first results on the page is a Seasons Prediction thread on the official forums.

In the thread the original poster lists September 18th, 2018 as their prediction for the game release. Therefore, I have reason to believe that while the conversation below was indeed genuine, the customer service agent google searched for an answer and gave whatever one came first. Now we wait to see if Seasons is indeed next.


Original story below…

NOTE: Until any such information is announced by EA and Maxis, consider this to be nothing more than a rumor. We are not able to verify personal conversations, but are able to confirm that this is the URL and Website used by online support chat for EA.

If we want to any information on The Sims 4, it looks like it’s best to ask EA’s customer support agents because they’re dishing it out. Yet another Simmer brings some news on The Sims 4 Seasons, with an EA agent confirming a September 18th release date?

This information comes just hours after another player was able to get information on the development of the game. September 18th is a Tuesday, so a June announcement at this year’s EA Play event would be perfect as far as timing goes.

Again, I’d like to reiterate that until EA makes any official announcements, this information is nothing more than a rumor.