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Welcome, dear readers! Say, have you ever dreamt of building or designing your own house? I know I have. I can imagine it now; a large villa with at least 2 en-suites, a few spare bedrooms, a gaming room, an office, a large indoor/outdoor swimming pool, with a ton more rooms accommodating the necessary amenities.

If, like myself, you enjoy window shopping for lovely houses you can only dream of owning – and then finding relatively nice ones that you actually can own – then why not check out the following new houses, built by The Architect Kids.

Oak Alcove

This single bed Townhouse is particularly simple. It boasts light whites and baby-blue walls, with a few paintings to add colour to the place. Priced at only $20,680, it’s the perfect (slightly-more-than) starter home for a family of two, and their adorable little pet.






















Tranquil Crescent

 In this three-story house, simplicity mixes with elegance to create a mansion holiday-home feel. With glass in every direction, natural light floods the entire house, making summertime an especially great time to relax in the pool or sit on the patio sofa and read a book. For only $93,046 (assuming you have way more than that) you can be living in serenity in no time.

Well, folks, that’s it for today. I’m going to spend the rest of my day wishing I could buy a house like this. Until next time!

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After being sucked into the beautiful land of Pleasantview about ten years ago, NerdyPunkGirl has since been messing with Sim's lives and building all sorts of homes for them. Recently, she has gotten a lot better at building aesthetically pleasing homes after years and years of practice. When not diving head-first into the worlds of Oasis Springs and San Myshuno alike, NPG likes to read, write about her beloved Sims, as well as play other video games and watch lots of TV. But...her life is really mostly about The Sims. Who's life isn't really?