Community Spotlight: Anchesenamon Sims (Builder)

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Here to kick off SimsVIP’s May Community Spotlight is builder Anchesenamon! In a brief introduction below, Diana gives readers a chance to learn a bit more about what she does in the community. Take it away Diana!

Untitl12124124ed Hi there! My name is Diana, but most people in the Sims community know me as Anchesenamon Sims (my ID name is anchesenamon). Before I tell you anything about myself I would like to thank Alexis for asking me to be the SimsVIP May 2018 Community Spotlight. It is such an honour!


I am never really sure what to tell people about myself, because I would rather talk about the Sims or books. I am 45 years old, I am a teacher (I teach English), I am married to the most wonderful man and we have two lovely teenage sons. Besides being addicted to the Sims I also love books! We have books in every room of the house except for the bathroom. We also have a dog and three cats. I have been playing the Sims almost since it first came out. One of my husband’s colleagues introduced me to the Sims way back when and I have been hooked ever since. Of all the Sims versions, the Sims 4 is my favourite! I spend most of my time building houses in all different styles and sizes.

There are some options in build mode that we used to have in the Sims 3 that I would like to see return in the Sims 4, such as raising the terrain, but overall I love building in the Sims 4. So much so, that I have built a few new worlds. My favourite one is Burton Ville, a world inspired by Tim Burton’s films and art. My Burton Ville inspired me to start making short films and to start a YouTube channel.

On my YouTube channel you’ll find some speed builds and some budget builds. However, whenever I start building a house, I usually forget to record it, so I don’t have as many build videos on my channel as I would like to have. I love creating short videos in which I try to let the images and music do the talking. I have short videos about Fala Locklear, my sims for the Murkland Challenge (by Brennachan Sims), and short videos about Burton Ville and my favourite vampires, Victoria and Armand.


I also have four Let’s Play series that I greatly enjoy recording. One of them is set in the alien world I created and follows the lives of the Zags, evil aliens who like to keep clowns in their basement. Someone once asked me to build a spaceship and that resulted in a whole alien world and a Let’s Play series. LOL

My other Let’s Play series are called Jenna Jones in the Jungle, The Cheerful Pet Shop and my own personal favourite one is My Life as a Ghost, for which I created a 1890s world. The series is about Elizabeth Greaves, a ghost who mysteriously died 125 years ago and who is trying to figure out what happened to her and her husband Jonathan. For this Let’s Play I always record a few short films that are used as memories of Elizabeth’s life and these memories tell you a bit more about how and why she died all those years ago, so each episode gives you a few more clues.

See what happens when I start talking about the Sims…I tend to go on and on. However, I will stop now. 😉 If you would like to find out more about my builds or videos, feel free to check out any of my social media links. Thanks again, Alexis, for asking me to be the SimsVip Spotlight this month, I am very honoured! Happy simming, everyone!
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