The Sims 4 Seasons: Weather Machine, Flower Stand, CAS, and More!

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Fellow simmer Giuliettasims had a chance to play The Sims 4 Seasons at EA Play, and has posted an entire thread on Tumblr giving us some new details on the game! They have included loads of new images that show off interactions, CAS and more! Check it out!

My inner geek is squeaking of excitement today because I was able to attend EA Play, play Seasons and Unravel 2 (definitely going to purchase, it was super fun, especially with a second player). I’ve been waiting anxiously for EA Play, booked my session for today at 12 PM.
Despite of almost zero waiting time in line people were allowed to play for 15 minutes only. There were 4 saves with each season. I got so lost when realized that I don’t know how to use Sims 3 style camera, I never used it before. Had to change the settings but definitely lost some time trying to tame sims 3 style camera.



I took a few pictures of new CAS categories, can’t believe that I forgot to take pictures when I actually clicked on cold and hot weather categories. According to SimguruGrant, who was so nice to explain how it works, 2 new categories will have tags that work similarly to everyday, party, situation and other clothing tags. CC should be fine, but I suspect it will need additional tagging if you want your custom puffer coats to appear in cold weather clothes category.

So better keep your clothing folders organized. Don’t quote me on this though, we will need to wait and see, but my experience as CC maker tells me that I might be right. Here are some pictures (not a lot since 15 minutes is really allows only to get a glimpse).