Like a VIP: Establishing Faith with the Clubs System

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I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again now: The clubs system in The Sims 4 Get Together is great and there’s a lot you can do with it. After using this tool to take your sims to college and having them work in offices, the final article of this series will focus bringing a religious type experience to the game. This ties in nicely with the new holiday system in The Sims 4 Seasons.

Whether you have a good experience participating in a religious group, or simply want to connect to the unknown, unseen and uncontrollable, you can now recreate this experience in The Sims 4. If you played The Sims Medieval, you probably remember there were two religions you could play with, which was something I personally loved doing and really wish I could have in The Sims 4. Well, we can now have a similar experience with Clubs.

“You’re right, Thomas, this church is a joke”

Coming up with these “groups” is a bit of a challenge, and therefore a whole lot of fun. In my case, I tried imagining possible religions that would tie in with the content we have in the game. While doing so, I realized there are two factors to consider while creating them: Are we mimicking real life, or trying to invent something brand new?

It’s a church for those who believe and a museum for those who don’t

You could create a religion that meets in a temple and has a service that involves music and teaching. I wanted to do that, so I made up a faith that I called the Chimera church, that explores the meanings of dreams and nightmares. My sims would all gather at what I called a Cathedral (it’s a public lot set as a museum), built with gothic references. The club I made had sims who would speak at the podium, play musical instruments, and sing. It’s all very traditional, so during the holiday they cook grand meals and attend ceremonies.


It’s also fun to create a cult that worships fire, for instance. Mine met at the ruins and danced around a bonfire wearing the same outfit. Their holiday is simple: Go around lighting everything on fire, from fireplaces to leaf piles, and devote the day to that.

It’s getting hot in herre… so put on some more clothes, apparently?

You can also just make a very simple group that helps each other. Have them meet at any given place and talk to each other, then they go home and volunteer with their families. On their holiday, they remember those from the past, celebrate give presents and think about the future by making resolutionsThere is so much more we can do now with Holidays.

Perhaps your sims follow an ancient faith from Selvadorada, which would explain why they pay their respects to the statue of Madre Cosecha, and are always in search of mystical relics. Or maybe the religion you make is all about meditating and lighting incense. How about being one with the land by gardening? Or how about all of the above?


“One day we’ll have our own church and that’ll show’em”

What we take from any of this is a positive social experience for sims, who will raise their skills and experience new things while they meet with other sims. And we, the players, are left with what is in a way a more realistic gameplay, as well as a good use of the tools we are given with the game and a lot of fun, regardless of your personal beliefs.