The Sims 4 Seasons: Bees & Beekeeping

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The Sims 4 Seasons introduces Beekeeping. Burtie’s Bee Box can be purchased for §265, and is a must for aspiring gardeners. This object allows Sims to interact with bees, harvest and sell honey, pollinate nearby plants, create new recipes, and more.

One of the first things to know is that Sims can build relationships with the bees. Using the “Bond with Bees” interaction will help the relationship grow, and in return, Sims will receive better quality honey from the bee box. Relationships, Honey Amounts, Activity Levels, and Grumpiness, be tracked by hovering over the bee box.


Having a good relationship with Bees increases the quality of the honey they produce. In return, this increases the value of the honey. Honey can be collected every 7 hours, but it takes a full 24 hours for the bee box to be completely full.

The following levels of Honey, Activity, and Grumpiness are possible:

  • Honey Amount
    • Full (Yields 3 Jars)
    • Partially Full (Yields 1 Jar)
    • Empty
  • Activity Level
    • Active
    • Dormant
  • Grumpiness
    • Calm
    • Irritated
    • Enraged

Their grumpiness level fluctuates daily, but bonding with them will help calm them down a bit. When bees are irritated or enraged, they are more likely to attack and sting Sims. Avoid purposely disturbing them during this time.

❗ Wearing the Beekeeper Suit will protect Sims from violent sting attacks

❗ Having a Crocus Scented Flower within 5 feet (grid tiles) will keep bees calm.

❗ Eating honey out of a jar will grant Sims a special moodlet that protects them from extreme weather conditions for 4 hours. Freezing or Overheating? Eat honey!


❗ Bees are dormant during winter, so they will not exit the bee box on their own, nor will they produce any honey. Sims are still able to interact with them though.

When Sims are not collecting honey and bonding with bees, they can interact in a number of other ways. Here are all the available interactions included with the Bee Box:

  • Change into (and Remove) Beekeeper Suit – Allows Sims to collect and sell honey without worrying about being stung by bees. The suit serves as protective gear against attacks, but does not allow Sims to bond or collect swarms in it.
  • Bond with Bees – This interaction helps increase the relationship between Sims and Bees. Use this interaction first to bring up the relationship meter.
  • Collect Honey – Sims can collect honey every 7 hours to receive 1 Jar when the box is only partially full, or they can wait a full 24 hours to collect 3 Jars when the box is completely full. Their relationship with the bees dictates the quality of the honey.
    Excellent quality honey is valued at §61, and Poor quality honey is valued at §18. Sims can use honey to make any of the new recipes and drinks available in the game.

  • Collect Swarm – When Sims have a high enough relationship they can collect swarms of bees in their inventory to perform various actions.
  • Sell Honey – Sims can sell honey directly from the bee box. Their relationship with the bees dictates the quality of the honey. Excellent quality honey is valued at §61, and Poor quality honey is valued at §18.
  • Disturb – Sims can use this interaction to purposely irritate bees. In some cases they will receive a playful moodlet, but sometimes they will be attacked and receive the uncomfortable bee sting moodlet.
  • Apply Mite Treatment – Once in a while mites will invade the bee box. This will cause bees to become grumpy. Applying mite treatments will correct their mood.

When Sims are not interacting with bees directly, bees will help themselves to gardens and pollinate nearby plants. This autonomous action will help plants evolved much faster, giving Sims more harvestables to collect in shorter periods of time.


Bees can do a lot more than pollinate a garden though. With a high enough relationship, Sims can collect swarms of bees from the bee box. Swarms are found in a Sim’s inventory, and will remain there for 5 hours. Sims can then click and instruct bees to do even more:

  • Attack – Sims can choose a target Sim for bees to attack. Sims who are attacked receive the uncomfortable bee sting moodlet.
  • Cheer Up Self With Bees – Sims who are in less than idea moods can use this interaction to cheer themselves up.
  • Cheer Up – Sims can use this interaction to cheer up other Sims.
  • Woo – Sims can use this interaction to send bees off a woo other Sims. This interaction will increase friendship and romance relationship progress.
  • Send to Fetch Gift – Using this interaction will send bees off to fetch a gift for the Sim. Bees will return with a gift box that contains collectibles from the game.
  • Pollinate Nearby Plants – Using this interaction will send bees to nearby plants for pollination. This interaction works anywhere in the world.

Sims will have to wait two hours before collecting another swarm from the bee box. Any unused swarms will disperse from a Sim’s inventory after 5 hours.

❗ This article is part of a series of mini tutorials on the game. Check out our detailed Game Guide for more information on The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack.