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The SimNation Ministry of Health and Sim Services (MoHSS) said on Fall 7 that medical centers across the continent have been receiving patients who have experienced supernatural phenomena. Moreover, the number of sims having such occurrences is growing. In light of this, many doctors are convinced that every sim around the globe might possess this “power of unknown origin.”

These sims have been telling nearly identical stories—they can teleport. “I think about wanting to fix a plate of grilled cheese, which is in the kitchen,” writes Brianna Templeton on a medical forum. “I can just walk to the dining table and boom! I’m in front of the dish. I grab a plate and bam! I’m back at the table.” In addition, she claims that the power frees her from walking excessive distance, and she enjoys having it.


However, it appears that this ability only happens when sims are trying to obtain something and utilize it elsewhere. In other instances. Nothing will happen in other scenarios even though a sim was focused on thinking their destination.


Packed with worrying sims, Magnolia Clinic is one of the facilities that are looking into this phenomena. Medical specialists are taking biological samples from these patients for analysis. Still, the specimens have yet to indicate any biological anomaly on these sims. The probability of the supernatural power being an ailment is becoming slimmer.

A medical specialist injects a tissue sample to a mass spectrometer in the lab of the Magnolia Clinic on Sunday, Fall 8, 2018. The Ministry of Health and Sim Services issued a report that says a large number of population is gaining a restrictive teleportation power. (SMT Photo/Sam Yu)

The trend also puts the wellness industry on high alert. “Teleportation used to be a power you get when you max out the wellness skill,” says Yolanda Manning, a yoga instructor in Aham Ashram Yoga Studio. “Ain’t nobody’s gonna learn that if they can just pop up around.” Nonetheless, she did acknowledge that as long as the power every sim gets is limited, the teleportation ability acquired through the wellness skill should remain in the upper hand.

A female sim in labour waits in line behind another sim in the reception area of the Magnolia Clinic on Saturday, Fall 7, 2018. A lot of sims have been flocking to medical centers across SimNation after experiencing their first teleportation, causing backlogs in these facilities. (SMT Photo/Miles Standall)

For the moment, the ministry urges sims to remain calm when experiencing unexpected teleportation. Furthermore, they state that before the medical community finds a cure, sims should “avoid flooding in to the hospital.”

Wether Forecast – Monday, Fall 9, 2018


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Salvadorada – ☀️ Sunny; Warm

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