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Werewolf Sliders in latest 1.32 Patch!

  :!: Just a common courtesy warning. Please do not go and badger the SimGuru's about this information, as they are going to have to act...

Amazon Sale: The Sims 3 Supernatural!

  Amazon has listed The Sims 3 Supernatural & The Sims 3 *Plus* Supernatural for 20-27% off! Grab those and other games on the Video...

Sims 3 Supernatural: 4 New Screenshots!

  Via Os Sims - Thanks SimCookie!  

The Sims 3 Supernatural (EP 7)

  Amazon Italy has prematurely listed the 7th expansion! The Sims 3 Supernatural is slated to release in September, and based on it's name, will...

Capital Sims Previews Supernatural

  Google Translate breaks the entire site, so translate at your own risk. There are tons of photos though to keep you occupied!   Click below!  

Games Radar: Supernatural Giveaway (USA Only)

  :!: Please comment with your captions at Games Radar! :)   The Sims are going supernatural in the latest expansion, which is set in the...

The ESRB Rates Sims 3 Supernatural

  As usual it's T for Teen, and this also means that development on the game has been completed. The ESRB changed the way they...

SimGuruKarsky Answers 23 Supernatural Questions

  Thread Link - Thanks nez3!   Thank you for all the great questions over the last few days! We knew that The Sims 3 Supernatural was...

Sims 3 Supernatural Live Chat Tomorrow

  We will host the Live Chat here on SimsVIP and then have a replay for those of you that miss it! :)   Join The Sims 3...

Sims 3 Supernatural Concept Art

  Via Sims 3 Social Networks