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The Sims 3 Supernatural – Expansion #7 Toys *Photos*

  In the recent 1.32 patch notes, the 7th Expansion Spoilers revealed a few new toys. has found the toys in buydebug, and here...

Supernatural Preview List (Witches & Vampires)

Supernatural Preview List (8/13/12)   At 9am CEST (2am  Central Time), fansites will be revealing all there is to know about Witches and Vampires! If you have...

Sims 3 Gamer: Picture Heavy Supernatural Review!

    I haven’t done much actual playing of Supernatural but I have spent a good amount of time wandering around Moonlight Falls and I’m in love with...

The Sims 3 Supernatural Artwork

  Click the images for a larger view!                         

Tips For A Better Date, Courtesy of The Sims

  So I was playing the upcoming Sims expansion, The Sims 3: Supernatural, at the EA Summer Showcase last week. Here's the thing: I'd never played The Sims before. I...

Supernatural Game Guide Progress

  *Update 9/7/12* - As of right now I am 70% complete with the guide (and still working on it!). This has to be the...

UK Simmers: Sims 3 Supernatural Preview Tour

  UK Retailer HMV sent over an email with details for their upcoming Sims 3 Supernatural Preview Tour. For anyone in the UK who is...

Simway: 47 Screens of Supernatural’s CAS Items

  This time the males! - Click Below!  
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