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GameSpot – Generations Gameplay Videos

  GameSpot has added two of their own gameplay videos, showing us their experience with the game.  

Ryan Vaughn – Sims 3 Generations Gameplay Video

  Ryan Vaughn, producer of Generations, has a gameplay video that was posted by EuroGamers Thanks to Infinite Sims for the find.   [youtube]  

Gaming Blend – Sims 3 Generations Review

  I know this review for the Sims 3: Generations expansion pack is coming in a bit late, but it took me longer to get a...

GamesRadar – Sims 3 Generations Review

  Thanks to Valley dos Sims for the tip!   While you could certainly make an argument that EA is nickel-and-diming customers with constant Sims 3 expansion...

Generations Game Guide – Content Added

  Sorry for the delay in the completion of the Generations Guide, but I have had many real life road blocks!  As of today 6/14/11...

New York Post Reviews Generations – Grade A

  Yes, the New York Post reviewed Generations.  This is probably one of the more entertaining & interesting Reviews I have read this far. :P   The...

GamePro – Sims 3 Generations Review 3/5 ★’s

  GamePro has reviewed The Sims 3 Generations, and gave it an overall score of 3/5 stars.   In many ways, The Sims 3: Generations is the perfect...

Machinima – Sims 3 Generations @E3 was @E3 talking to one of the EA producers about Generations. This interview starts off with a response of EPIC failure. :lol:   [youtube...

Imaginary Friend Concept Art

  SimCookie found this interesting concept art of the Sims 3 Generations Imaginary Friend.  This wonderful work comes complete in a full album collection by...

SimsVIP – Generations Game Guide – Complete

    The guide is available up top under the game guides tab. If you have any questions, feedback, input or anything to add that I...