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Sims 3 University Life Party Competition (EU)

  1. General   The opening time and date of the contest is Friday 8th March 2013 at 00:01 GMT, and the closing date and time for...

Games Radar: The Sims 3 University Life Review

  When you look back at your college years, what do you remember most fondly? Maybe you think about the all-night parties, the friendships and...

Sims 3 University Life: PlantSim Concept Art

  Conceptual Artist Jace Wallace has uploaded his concept art for University Life's PlantSim     Hat Tip: Rincon Del Simmer  

The Game Effect Reviews Sims 3 University Life

  The Sims series has been a staple in the simulation gaming world for over a decade. Electronic Arts has consistently churned out expansion and... Reviews The Sims 3 University Life

  We took a brief look at the latest Sims 3 expansion, University Life, earlier this year, but now that we've had a chance to go...

Lazy Game Reviews University Life!

  Video Link [youtube]  

Game Revolution: Sims 3 University Life Review

  The Sims 3 has always had a strange absence. Babies would grow into children who attended school until their teenage years and then, suddenly,...

GameZone: Sims 3 University Life Review

  It never ceases to amaze me that despite being nearly four years old, EA can continue to push out expansions for The Sims 3 that still...

Quxxn’s “Let’s Play University” Parts 1-3

  Video Link #1 - Video #2 - Video Link #3 [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]  

Sims 3 University Life Now Available on Steam

  For those who use Steam, University Life awaits you! Click Below!