The Sims 4 News & Updates

The Sims 4: Buy Mode Preview 9/11/13

  The next batch of information on The Sims 4 is dropping in tomorrow at 9am Pacific! Fansites and Simmers from around the world will...

Sorry Folks, No “Solo Woohoo” in The Sims 4

For those of you who may have seen a fake "PC Gamer" article stating that you will be able to "Solo Woohoo" in The...

Crinrict: Sims 4 – Emotions

One of the biggest new features that will come with Sims 4 are emotions. Sims are no longer keeping their feelings to themselves, they...

Crinrict: Sims 4 – CAS Preview

Jill Johnson (SimGuruJill) showed us the the most important chances and then we got to try CAS on the computer ourselves.     The new CAS looks...

El33tonline: The Sims 4 Preview

The first thing that we were shown was the brand new Create-A-Sim tool, which is where you’ll spend your time crafting your little virtual...

The Sims 4 Trailer: Hidden Easter Eggs

The Sims team has updated The Sims 4 Trailer with all new "Easter Egg" type annotations. These annotations have links to unlisted videos about...

The Sims 4: New Screenshot

  Walking and talking at the same time? That is what website Wtop has confirmed in a recent interview with Lyndsay Pearson! Now if only...

The Sims 3 & 4: Rachybop Interviews King & Ryan

  Video Link [youtube] 

The Sims 4: Interview w/Ryan Vaughan  

The Sims 4: Interview w/Rachel Franklin

  Video Link [youtube]  
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