The Sims 4 News & Updates

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: New Guru Avatar

SimGuruJM has updated his Twitter avatar to a Cats & Dogs themed photo that shows his Simself with a pup. Check out more Guru avatars here,...

The Sims 4: Four New Create-a-Sim Tattoos Coming in March

The Sims team has released a community spotlight blog, highlighting the work of leading tattoo artists who are working on 4 new tattoos for...

The Sims 4 Get Together: Features, Box Art, Render, & Logo

  Welcome to Windenburg!   Live it up in the beautiful world of Windenburg with The Sims 4 Get Together! Explore picturesque landmarks like the sprawling hedge...

SimsVIP’s Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Guide Now Available!

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Guide is now complete! If there's anything we've missed or anything that needs to be corrected, let us know...

The Sims 4: Upcoming Expansion Hints by Taylor Parks

  Taylor Parks, best known for her part in the movie Hairspray, has shared her recent voice acting experience with The Sims 4 over at EA. When asked...

The Sims 4: New Render

  Via The Sims Advertisement  

Lazy Game Reviews: The Sims 4 Dine Out

Lazy Game Reviews has posted his review of The Sims 4 Dine Out Game Pack!

VOTE NOW: SimGuruGrant Wants Your Input on Sims 4 Life States (Round 2)

SimGuruGrant has taken to Twitter to post Round 2 of his Sims 4 Life State poll. This result will be combined with yesterday's poll...

Community Blog: There’s a Monster Under Your Bed in The Sims 4! No, Really!

After today's Update to The Sims 4, don't be surprised if you see something a little... monstrous... peeking out from under the bed. See,...

The Sims 4: Trick or Treat Challenge

Remember, Remember, the 23 of October Pirates or ninjas? Half-full or half-empty? That sparkly vampire guy or that shirtless werewolf guy? For eons, these arguments...
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