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SimGuruGrant tweets weight-based emotions are not coming

  SimGuruGrant has tweeted today about the article in PCGames in which he corrects the misunderstanding that weight-based emotions are coming to Sims 4.   Hi Simmers...

NZ Gamer Previews “The Sims 4”

  Ah the Sims; progeny of the SimCity franchise I love so much, I find it impossible to loathe you. Sure, your focus on the...

PCGames: “Sims can be unhappy about their weight”

  Well this is interesting. In The Sims Studio's efforts to infuse an entire brain-rainbow of believable human emotions into the next generation of sims,...

IGN: The Sims 4 Goes For Emotional Depth

For as long as I've been playing The Sims (which is more than ten years now), their tiny lives have been defined by what...

Edenstyle Interviews SimGuru Jill

At the Sims Camp I had the opportunity to interview Sim Guru Jill about The Sims 4.   She is one of the CAS producers...

The Sims 4: Game Trailer Screens


Polygon Talks The Sims 4 And Human Reflections

The sims are the ultimate expression of transhumanism, their fundamental, constant transformations powered by both technology and a reflection of how real humanity is...

Pre-Order The Sims 4 @ EB Games (Australia)

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LGR: The Sims 4 Gamescom Impressions

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The Sims @ Gamescom: Attendee Preview List

  To make your lives easier, I have put together a huge list of Sims Camp/Gamescom articles from simmers around the world! This list will...