Sims 3 Roaring Heights: Car Woohoo is Back!

The Classically Cool Fixer-Upper Car” content included with The Sims 3 Roaring Heights, includes the option to “Make Out” and “Woohoo” in the car. The product page for this content is now live, so head over and take a look!

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EA Announces The Sims 3 Roaring Heights (World)

The Sims 3 Team & EA have just announced a brand new Sims 3 Store World: The Sims 3 Roaring Heights. This new world is coming to The Sims 3 Store on December 12th, with more information released in the next few weeks.
The official Roaring Heights Page will go live November 25th at 12:00pm Pacific, but until then, check out the information we’ve received below!


The Sims 3 Roaring Heights
♦ Welcome to Roaring Heights, a sparkling city nestled by the beach. In this all new digital world, your Sims will experience an exuberant life amidst a city full of iconic Art Deco skyscrapers.
♦ In The Sims 3 Roaring Heights, Sims will set out to explore this bustling beachside scene by way of their fixer-upper car – your Sims can spend some time fixing up this brand new gameplay object to get it into pristine shape.
♦ In the midst of Roaring Heights’ breathtaking architecture, your Sims will rub elbows at lavish parties, taking in the tranquil beauty of this city by the sea.
♦ Sims may even come to befriend the Capp Family from The Sims 2 – they are on vacation in Roaring Heights and completely smitten with the beachside bliss of the town.
♦ Included in this word are dozens of all-new exclusive objects and clothing for your Sims to partake in the vibrant, golden days of The Sims 3 Roaring Heights.
The Sims 3 Roaring Heights will be available for digital download from The Sims 3 Store starting Thursday, December 12.
The Sims 3 Roaring Heights will be available as a Standard Edition and a Gold Edition. 
The Sims 3 Roaring Heights Gold Edition will include the new world in addition to 1,900 SimPoints.

Boardwalk Venue
♦ Sims from all over come to the Boardwalk just to ride this exhilarating attraction, featuring the Sky High Roller Coaster with pieces that can be assembled to make your very own amusement park!


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Sims 3 Store: Upcoming World Content Sneak Peek
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…and who doesn’t love new old CAS and hair?



Sims 3 Store: Upcoming Content Sneak Peek!
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The Sims 3 Store: Mother Russia Video Overview
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Video Link


Official Mother Russia Lot by SimGuruCopeland
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If the lot is not showing up in your neighborhood’s residential bin, remove the package file from your “DCBackup” folder and place it in to the “Library” Folder.
File Number: 0xbfb604cd9cce5fb94fe9d11fbe35fef9


Click below to download!



Sims 3 Store: This Week’s Freebies & Discounts

Head in game or in store to snatch up these two freebies while you can! In addition to these freebies, The “Waning Moon” set is on sale for 1,246 simpoints.

harvest 2 Harvest


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Origin Black Friday: Vote for a $1 Game

Black Friday is right around the corner, and Origin has already given us a sneak peek of what’s coming to their store. Today, they have launched a poll for players to choose which game they want to purchase for $1 on Friday, November 29th. Included is The Sims 3 Pets. Go vote!


one dollar


Sims 3 Store: New Content Hint by SimGuruCopeland
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On November 24th - (yes this Sunday!)SimsGuruCopeland will be giving us hints on the upcoming premium content coming to The Sims 3 Store. It is not clear if this content is related to the next store world, but for now, SimGuruCopeland has left us with this:


Sims 3 Store: More Mother Russia Concept Art


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