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During the mass hysteria that was Gamescom, it appears that I forgot to post Simified’s interview with SimsGuruGrant from September. It had been linked to in mass interview posts, but never as a separate post.
Please note that any and all information in the interview could change over the course of the game’s production. The game was in Pre-Alpha when Grant was interviewed, so keep that in mind!


Simified: What are the Life Stages in The Sims 4? Are there any new ones?

SimGuruGrantThe Sims 4 will have all of the same life stages as previous games, Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder. There are no new life stages coming at this time.
Simified: Will Sims be able to have and own cars? Will cars in The Sims 4 have functions similar to The Sims 2 (opening doors, etc.) or will they be like The Sims 3?

GrantSims will definitely be able to own and have cars! As far as how they will function, I cannot comment on that yet. I do know that opening doors, like in The Sims 2, would require a lot from our animations team, so this may or may not happen.



Sims 3 Store – New Venue Sneak Peek

SimGuruTatertot has released a clearer (can we use clearer?) image on Twitter for what the venue to be released in February will be. I don’t know about you, but do I see a Sim and a sofa?
BeCSa4PCMAEYrQF.jpg large New

Dark Industrial & Island Paradise Giveaway!
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The entry period for this giveaway has ended. Check back on 1/17/14 for the winners!


The codes for this giveaway were generously donated by Anonymous & Danielle!


Origin’s 2013 Year in Review

It was quite a year for Origin and our community. A lot of great games launched in 2013, including Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed 4, FIFA 14, Need For Speed: Rivals, and a huge number of The Sims 3 expansion and stuff packs! Origin itself underwent some changes, with Achievements and Group Chat being the big additions to the Origin experience.
But enough about us! We thought it might be fun to share some stats with you to highlight what the community has been up to.

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orign 2013


Game España: Free Game Guide w/The Sims 4

According to current listings on Game España, Simmers who purchase any version of The Sims 4 from the spanish retailer, will also receive “The Sims 4 eGuide” as a free gift with their purchase.
It is assumed that this will be the Prima Game Guide in its digital form, as the description specifies that the guide will be exclusively in English.

“Con Los Sims 4 en Edición Coleccionista en te llevas de regalo la Guía del juego en formato digital (en inglés)”
“When purchasing The Sims 4 xxx Edition at, you will receive a free copy of the digital game guide (in English)”


Hat Tip: Juanjo

game spain


Fan Made Box Art: The Sims 3 Roaring Heights

Our reader Nathanial has now completed the Roaring Heights Box Art! We previously posted on his completion of other Store World Box Art, and now you can have the complete collection!
It has been confirmed that the retail version of The Sims 3 Roaring Heights will only make its way to the UK, AUS/NZ, and EU, so this is an awesome treat for us “North Americans”.
I have uploaded all the images to my Flickr account, so click here to view & download!




Prima Games Confirms Guide for The Sims 4


*Update* Prima Games has confirmed that both a printed guide and eGuide will be available, as well as the Collector’s Edition. 

Hi Justina,
This will be released in both eGuide and printed formats.
Thank you,


Prima Support
Hi Justina,
We are planning on releasing a Collector’s Edition guide as well.
Thank you,


Prima Support

Original Post:
In an email inquiry sent to Prima Games by our reader Justina, Prima Games officially confirms that a Prima Game Guide will be created for The Sims 4.
The following is the official response from Terri of Prima Games:

Hi Justina,
We will be releasing an eGuide for the Sims 4, however, at this time we do not have any other information to provide. You can stay up to date by checking back on our website often.
Thank you,


Prima Support


On January 1st, Amazon UK listed both a Collector’s and a Standard edition paperback guide, however at this time, Prima has only confirmed an “eGuide“. This isn’t to say that they will not have a physical guide come release, but I just wanted to point that out.
Given that Amazon loves to list products prematurely (The Sims 3 Seasons Guide that never was), and Prima hasn’t had the best record with The Sims 3 of late (no guides, eGuides only, etc), time will only tell what Prima has in store for the next series of The Sims.

Sims 3 Game Update 1.66 (1/14/14)

:!: Remember to Remove Custom Content and MODS before updating. Check with your modding community for updates post patch.
:!: Nraas Mods Users: Please note that Twallan will no longer be updating his mods.


The Superpatch and other patches listed below are official patches hosted directly on the EA servers. These are the patches used to manually update your game. When downloading any patches below, you are downloading directly from EA’s servers.
Super Patch (All Regions) ~ Download (1.6 GB)
Incremental Manual Patching below should only be applied from patch 1.63
Region 1 (USA) – Download (178 MB)
Region 2 (Europe, Australia & rest of the world) – Download (180 MB)
Region 3 (Asia) – Download (178 MB)
Region 5 (Japan) – Download (177 MB)
Region 17 (Digital Game Version) – Download (181 MB)

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Sims 3 Store: February 2014 Venue (Sneak Peek)

SimGuruTatertot has teased the new Venue coming to The Sims 3 Store in February. I say teased because, well, you’ll see in the image! Let the speculation commence!!

BdpWhwWCcAANzTN.jpg large


Sims 3 Store: Sales Page Update

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Store Sales 10-1-14