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441 Million seconds. 5,113 Days. 14 Years

Can you believe it? The Sims is now 14 years old. That’s right, The Sims came out on February 4, 2000 in North America and to celebrate this momentous date, we are declaring today “Wear a Plumbob Day” around the world; and we are giving all players of The Sims 3 a Stuff Pack* to thank them for all of their wonderful support. Read on to find out more about both!
Let’s take a quick moment to reflect on the past 14 years of The Sims. Did you know that we were the answer to a question on Teen Jeopardy, or that we were once featured in the New York Times Crossword puzzle? In 2005 the French postal service gave us our own postage stamp; and who could forget the amazing Glass House in Belgium where we put our fans in control of a real life family?

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SimGuruSarah’s Twitter Pic Flaunts Sims 4 Sim
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Everyone is hungry for some news on The Sims 4, so as we wait to see if EA pulls a “Beyonce” on us, here is a photo of SimGuruSarah’s new Sims 4 Twitter Pic.


The Sims Anniversary Sale: 50% Off @ Origin!

The Sims Anniversary Sale is happening now at Origin! To celebrate The Sims’ 14th Anniversary, Orign has slashed 50% off all Sims 3 Stuff and Expansion Packs! Sale Ends February 11th, so be sure to take advantage of the discounts now!

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This Day in Entertainment History: The Sims

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It was a video game with a seemingly-mundane concept—manipulate and control the everyday lives of characters. But, The Sims would become a massive hit.
Will Wright had previously created other “Sim” or simulation game, where the player can control simulation elements of a particular kind. SimCity was a massive hit, where a player could control and manipulate an entire town or city.
Wright’s The Sims allows a player to design a character (or set of characters) and a house and then take that character through life. The character has several attributes that need to be maintained such as hygiene, hunger, bladder and creativity. The character is not fully automated, and its actions must be manipulated or controlled by the player.
Sims can also interact with other Sims, as friends, as romantic partners, and even as enemies.
The game became a massive hit, not only with traditional games, but a broader demographic and audience. The Sims had many expansion packs with new elements.
Originally released for computers, it was later released with unique elements for home video game consoles. Sequels with new features and enhanced graphics have been released over the past few years, with Sims 4 scheduled for release later this year.

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Happy Birthday to The Sims (Simlish Style!)

To celebrate today’s festivities, the awesome folks over at Platinum Simmers have shared EA’s Simlish version of the Happy Birthday song, “Ooboo Vroose Baa Dooo”!
To make this celebration even better, they are also hosting a contest for 1,500 simpoints! Have the guts to record the Simlish song and upload for all to see? If you do, this contest is for you!

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The Sims Through The Years: Timeline & Fun Facts

Fun Facts & Timeline provided to us by Electronic Arts

The Sims Franchise

For more than a decade, The Sims™ has entertained millions of people across the globe and has made an indelible footprint on the interactive world.
A world-renowned interactive entertainment phenomenon, The Sims has sold more than 175 million units to date and continues to enhance its rich multi-platform portfolio with offerings that inspire creativity and reach one of the broadest audiences in gaming. The Sims evolves its magnetic appeal by delivering gameplay experiences that are current, compelling and above all, entertaining. A microcosm of society, The Sims gives players the ability to play with life by creating and controlling virtual lives and telling meaningful stories.
Hundreds of millions of players’ creations have been shared and downloaded by one of the most active player communities in the world and the viral appeal of The Sims is further evidenced by its 30 million fans across global social networks.
With a variety of unique gameplay themes, engaging content and collaborations with top brands and artists, there is something for everyone to love in The Sims and to play anytime, anywhere on the platform of their choice. For more information about The Sims, visit



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The Sims 3 Store Team Wants Your Ideas!

Copeland Needs Your Store Ideas
SimGuruCopeland today posted on the forums that The Sims 3 Store Team are looking to see which sets or themes we would like to see fleshed out for The Sims 3 Store. We know that the Store Team are listening to what we would like to see in the Store as we have had many business items, toddler items and the upcoming Prism Art Studio Venue which will not only introduce glass blowing, jewellery making and perfume making, but also L-shaped stairs.
So now is your chance to get heard! Is there any theme or set you would like to see built upon? Maybe you like the Edwardian Kitchen set and would like more of that? Or a Country Livin’ styled bedroom set? Or maybe you have a completely new idea for the Store Team! Be sure to head over to the forum post and let your voice be heard… erm, read!
Remember though, this is for new sets only, not for new Premium Content items, Worlds or Venues! A vague disclaimer is no ones friend :D

Submit your ideas in this thread!

The Sims 2 Pets: More Concept Art
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French SimGuru Assures Fans That “All Is Well”
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With recent news of layoffs in Salt Lake City, EA France is full speed ahead with damage control. To assure fans that recent layoffs are not affecting The Sims 4, SimGuru_FR stated that the game is on schedule, and that we should expect some news on the game “in the coming weeks”.

Hat Tip: SimCookie

“Hi all,
We understand your concerns about the current movements in our Studios. We strive to prepare the best possible experience with the Sims 4. The release of the game is not affected in any way.
Don’t jump to conclusions just because we have not shared too much information on the game.  We will communicate in the coming weeks on the Sims 4, you can be certain.
Best regards,



The Sims 2 Pets Concept Art

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