Sims 3 Store: Another Screen of the New World


SimGuruSmitty has shared yet another screenshot of the upcoming Sims 3 Store World.



The Sims 4: Offline Single Player & New Features
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How did the conversation for making The Sims 4 begin? What prompted it?
Well I think a lot of it reaches back to where we want to take the franchise and what we want to do with our sims. Realistically, when you look at it, being a life simulation, it’s all about injecting life back into our characters. So you see a lot of that come through in the main things that we’re talking about at Gamescom, so the way thay emotions drive a sims behavior really brings them to life in realistic ways.


Our new technology that we’re calling ‘SmartSim’, it allows us to do a lot of things that make them act realistically that we simply couldn’t do in the past. Stuff like multitasking, things like being able to have real group dynamics where you can have a conversation and it looks believable and we just couldn’t accomplish that in the past. I think some of it almost seems subtle, but when you see it all brought to life within the game, you instantly get we’re delivering a life simulator that’s better that any that we’ve ever built before.




Game Informer’s The Sims 4 Preview
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For those of you that subscribe to Game Informer’s Magazine, the October issue of the mag has a two page preview of The Sims 4.


October 2013


The Sims 4: Your Own Personal Soap Opera
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I cannot stand soap operas, I’m not sure I ‘get’ them. The cast of Hollyoaks look like a bunch of mad shaggers cast from the Argos catalogue’s home section, the lack of chin on Coronation Street’s Gail Platt keeps me awake with fear at night, and the name ‘Ian Beale’ reminds me of a local family butchers.



But there’s something endearing about the that particular blend of drama isn’t there? Can we safely say we’ve never become even an iota interested in what’s happening during a soap when they happen to be on the TV? I’ll admit that even I peered up from my laptop and watched in awe that time Phil Mithchell burst on screen with a wooden bat and started trashing some poor sod’s flat like some crazed roast potato. Many of us can’t escape the daily soaps, while others welcome it.



The Sims 4: New Screenshots
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Here are some of the screenshots I snapped during Aaron Houts‘ Build/Buy Masterclass. My preview on Build Mode will be available next Wednesday when the Animations Masterclass Embargo lifts.

To check out all the previews released today, see the Sims Camp Attendee List.


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Personal Update
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Hi everyone! With so many things going on in the simming world this last month, I also want to update you on my own real life occurrences. As many of you know, I am beginning my permanent move from Chicago to Florida. This means I have everything from personal life, to my business life, that needs to transition as smoothly as possible. (Like that’s really gonna happen!) :P
If you don’t already know, I run my own business here in Chicago, and the business end of my life is moving with me to Florida as well. Not only do I have an expansion of the business to handle in Florida, but I also have to continue to manage my Chicago office via network.
Just this last weekend I installed a shiny new router/VOIP/Network thingy majiggy, so I am currently testing it out at home here in Chicago. While it seems like life is easier this way, I still have to make a carbon copy of my office. :lol: From files, to contracts, to accounts, I have to get everything in order and done by October 15th.
Anyway, enough babbling, and to the point. My real life stuff is overtaking all my free time right now, which leaves me minimal time to do any site related updates. I will still maintain the site with news and such – since that is nothing extreme  - but larger projects will be put on hold or delayed.
For example, my Sims Camp post on The Sims 4 Buy Mode will not be available tomorrow when the embargo lifts, but will be this weekend. However, I will be updating and linking to other sites, so you will have a way to learn about the new features. Other projects that may be delayed include videos or premium content write-ups. (That’s nothing to worry about though, because WhipperWhirl has been doing a great job with that)
Last but not least, The Sims 3 Into the Future Game Guide. To ensure that I am able to focus on, and finish the guide in a timely fashion, the next month leading up to the release of the game will have to be sacrificed. :P That is the final guide for the Sims 3 Series, so I want to spend as much time on the guide as I can.
Not that my absence will obvious to you guys, but I just want to make sure you all know why certain projects are delayed or missing all together. Until I am sitting pretty on the beach in Florida, my life is going to be a hectic mess here. This website is a part of my daily life, so I wanted to make sure you are all in the loop.
If you made it through my rambles above, here’s a free cookie. ;) Thank you all for understanding, and I’ll be sure to update you guys along the way. :)


The Sims 4: Buy Mode Preview 9/11/13


The next batch of information on The Sims 4 is dropping in tomorrow at 9am Pacific! Fansites and Simmers from around the world will be sharing their previews of The Sims 4 Build/Buy Mode.

All new articles from tomorrow’s info drop will be added to the Sims Camp Attendee Preview List for your convenience.


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Sims 3 Store: Sales Page Update


Click Below! – Thanks KaruBlack!



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Sims 3 Store: First Screen of the Next World


SimGuruSmitty has just shared the first screenshot of the upcoming Sims 3 Store World.




The Sims 3 Movie Stuff: New Official Screen


Via The Sims 3