The Sims 4: Traces of Vampires Found in Game Code

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With the release of today’s Sims 4 Game Patch, traces of Vampires and Game Pack 4 have been found in the game files. Back in September of this year, Sims 4 Soundtrack composer Ilan Eshkeri, released a video of the team creating “Spooky Music”.

As I combed through the game files to check for new information and images, I ran across an icon of (what appears to be) Vampire babies complete with a widows peak. Additionally, The Sims team has already added in a placeholder box art for Game Pack 4, which means it’s likely we’ll see GP4 in the next quarter. There’s also this.



UPDATE: Community modder Zerbu Tabek has found additional code within the game related to Vampire interactions and details. The information can be found in the “sims.occult.occult_tracker” tuning resource. The best bits listed below.

  • Vampires may have “alternative forms” that work in a similar way to alien disguises.
  • There may be a “perks” system, similar to the Retail, Club and Restaurant Perks from various other packs. As a matter of fact, the code suggests there may actually be two simultaneous perk systems.
  • Vampires may have a “talent” of some kind. This could just be a technical way of referring to basic aspects of vampirism, such as sucking plasma.
  • The Occult Powers Panel may be opened from the Needs Panel.
  • Having a Vampire and non-Vampire have a baby may create a Sim who is Part Vampire, similar to how there are Part Aliens.
  • There may be a system for ranking up based on experience. This appear not to be a skill, but a new type of statistic that hasn’t been used yet.
  • There may be an “Occult Powers Panel” which can be used to purchase both “primary” and “secondary” powers using the perk points.